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Guide to checking your wiper blades

Here AA Patrol, Alfie Coyne, provides a simple guide on how to check and replace your car’s wiper blades.

My first piece of advice to motorists is to check your car’s wiper blades when it’s nice and dry. To do the check, lift the wiper blade off your car’s windscreen and run your hand along it to check for any cracks or damage. As a general rule of thumb motorists should expect to replace their car’s windscreen blade once a year. However if you spot any wear and tear before then you should replace it without delay.

We also remind motorists to have plenty of water, with windscreen washer additives in their vehicle’s windscreen washer bottle. Using your windscreen wipers on the car’s windscreen when it’s dry will cause wear and tear.  

To replace your car’s wiper blades, in most vehicles, you can pull the arm of the wiper up 90 degrees until it locks. Next turn the wiper blade around to face you. Most cars have a clip on the wiper. Push this clip in and the wiper blade down to remove the blade. 

Remember to always place the arm of your car’s windscreen wiper back the vehicle’s windscreen when you go to pick up the replacement blade so the wind doesn’t catch it and crack your car’s windscreen.

To fit your car’s new wiper blade, do it all in reverse order. Pull your car’s windscreen wiper arm back until it locks, slide the wiper blade over until the clip lines up, then pull the clip right up until it locks right in. Then twist it back around and place your car’s wiper blade back on the vehicle’s windscreen.