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Home Security Checklist

House burglar

A sinful amount of chocolate and a long weekend, there’s a lot to like about Easter.  If you’ll be enjoying your Easter eggs away from home this year, be sure to take eggstra care when locking up before you head off as it’s a peak time for burglaries.

Top tips from AA Home Insurance


1. Go from room to room and systematically make sure all the windows and doors are locked.  All too often burglars gain access through an unlocked window or door.  Many home insurance providers won’t pay out on claims where no forced entry has occurred, so do be careful.

2. Unplug all appliances.  Also check there are no clothes left on any radiators you may have on a timer or any phone chargers plugged in.  It’s particularly dangerous to leave a plugged in phone charger on any flammable materials such as bedding.

3. Be sure to turn on your house alarm if you have one.  Most home insurance companies offer discounted household insurance for the added house protection a house alarm affords.  However the alarm must be turned on when the household goes to bed or there is no one home, otherwise your house insurance claim may be affected in the event of a burglary.

4. Give the impression someone is home.  It might be worth keeping a radio or light on while away.  Its also an idea to ask a trusted neighbour to open and close the curtains/blinds morning and evening as this can be a big giveaway.

5. Better still ask someone you trust to house-sit.  Make sure it’s someone responsible who won’t accidentally leave any windows or doors open when they head out.

6. Don’t leave tools out in the garden.  Garden rakes, spades, axes etc. will make the breaking and entering process all the easier for intruders.  Lawnmowers are easy to resell second hand too so be sure that all are secured in your locked garage or shed.

7. Don’t leave any spare keys hidden outside your home.  With no one home thieves will have more time to check under all the flower pots, rocks and other typical hiding spots.  Again don’t make life any easier for them and remember if they haven’t forced entry it may well have implications on your home insurance claim.

8. Don’t leave any “desirable items" in view of the windows.  We’re not talking your Yorkie Easter egg here.  Don’t leave purses, wallets, handbags, electrical gadget or jewellery where a burglar can catch a glimpse by peaking in your windows.  If you have a home safe, use it.  If possible it’s also worth moving the likes of flat screen TVs away from windows or covering them with an old sheet.

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