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Entertaining kids on flights

kids on planes header

In a recent AA Travel Insurance poll, 55% of parents told us they’d taken their toddler on a long haul flight with them. However, if you’re thinking of taking to the skies this summer, follow our top tips on how to keep your little one amused on long haul flights.

  • Hold off on boarding your flight early. If you have your seat booked then there is no need to board early and your sanity will thank you for it. It’s not a good idea to have your children in an enclosed space for longer than they need to be.
  • It may be worth considering booking a flight with multiple connections rather than one long-haul flight. Not only does it give you the chance to stretch your legs, but it also allows your kids a change of scenery – monotony is the enemy, here. It may be best to avoid this if your little one is fearful of take-offs and landings.
  • Bring an emergency stash of snacks. For toddlers especially, producing a packet of their favourite snack may allow you some 15 minutes of Zen time.
  • Have a tablet/iPad at the ready with their favourite shows already downloaded. Nearly of a third of parents who spoke to us said this made for an easier journey.
  • Bring new toys to play with. This was a popular choice among parents with 54% revealing that this worked a treat.
  • Play a good old-fashioned game. Sometimes a round of i-Spy is all you need to keep children happy in-flight – you might even enjoy it!
  • Pack interactive books, along with some colouring books and pencils.
  • Prior to booking, try and choose a flight that is in sync with your child’s sleep routine. This works for 17% of the parents who spoke to us.  
  • Stick to their bedtime routine. Change them into their pyjamas and read them a bed time story. Keeping up your normal routine will allow them a sense of familiarity so hopefully flying be less overwhelming for everyone involved. 
  • If they’re feeling poorly, pack some ear drops. They’re great for easing the effects of altitude but we strongly advise consulting your doctor before administering any type of medication.



Image: Sydney Treasures Photography / CC