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What to do if you lose your luggage


It’s something we all dread: losing our luggage. It’s up there (alongside sunburn between the toes) as one of the worst things that could happen whilst on holidays. However, if you are unfortunate enough to be a victim of this unwelcome experience, follow our steps below to take some of the stress out of it all:

  • Don’t pack any valuables. If you must bring a valuable item we advise you keep it on your person at all times. Some airlines state in their contract that they are not held liable for unique or expensive items.


  • Key words here are: “thinking ahead”. When packing your bag think ahead of the worst possible case scenario. If you lost your luggage and all the external tags were ripped off how would your baggage be identifiable? Top tip: pop a business card or note inside your bag stating your particulars that will ensure the airline can identify you are the owner of the luggage.


  • Take a photo of your luggage on your smartphone. Though it may seem a little extreme but you will be glad if the unthinkable arises – it could be the difference in reclaiming and losing your luggage permanently.


  • Flag your loss to an airline employee before leaving the airport. Perhaps one of the most important tips of all is to ensure you don’t exit the airport without making a report with the airline. Go to the baggage claim office to complete a missing baggage claim form. This office is generally on the same floor as the baggage carousel.


  • Lost baggage is usually found within a day or two as it may arrive on the next flight. If you are not as lucky and your baggage is confirmed lost, having travelled with multiple airlines who should you contact? The airline that you must contact is the airline that flew you to your final destination.


If your luggage does get lost, AA Travel Insurance can cover you for up to €3,000. This covers which covers for baggage, baggage delay, passport replacement and emergency travel.

Image: Flickr