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Snow clearance tips from AA Home Membership

Keep your property clear from snow

Snow and ice can make accessing your property difficult and even dangerous. To help you tackle your driveway or path and clear snow we’ve prepared the following tips for you:

Questions to ask before getting started:
  • Are you risking injury to get the job done?
  • Could you be making it even more dangerous by causing it to refreeze?
  • Do you have any vulnerable neighbours who may need assistance?

A few things to consider:

  • Clear snow as soon as possible. It’s easier to move snow when it’s fresh and loose.
  • Clear any snow off your roof or patio overhang with an extendable brush - If it’s easy to do so, (pulling the snow downwards very slowly and carefully). Don’t get up on the roof as that might be dangerous
  • After you’ve cleared the snow, you can then use dishwasher or table salt to stop the area from refreezing. If you don’t have enough, you can use sand or ash instead. It won’t stop the cleared area from refreezing, but it should provide some grip for walking on.
  • Make sure you don’t cover any drains or someone else’s path with snow that has been moved.

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