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Storm tips from AA Home Membership

Protect your home from damage during storms

You can help reduce the potential risks from a storm by taking a few sensible precautions. Considerable damage can be inflicted on your home during storms with high winds and heavy rain. Remember to check with any vulnerable neighbours to see if they need any assistance before and after a storm.

Planning for a storm - Follow these five steps

  • Roof - Make sure your TV aerial is secured and check for loose tiles or damaged chimney pots. Get any problems repaired.
  • Gutters and Drain Pipes - Clear all guttering and drain pipes to avoid blockages during a storm. You may consider fitting gutter leaf guards, especially if there are tall trees near your home.
  • Garden - Trim back any small trees or bushes that could damage your property.
  • Storm Kit - Put together a kit that includes food, bottled water, a torch, batteries, a wind-up radio, a first aid kit, any necessary medication, emergency telephone numbers, clothes, blankets, bin bags, and a disposable camera (to take photos of any damage for your insurance company)
  • Utilities - Make sure you know where to turn off your electricity, gas and water supplies.

Before a storm arrives

  • To prevent loose garden items from being blown away secure or lock away items such as tools and chairs.
  • Avoid damage from power surges caused by lightning strikes and unplug all non-essential electrical devices.
  • Move your car away from buildings and trees; park it in a garage if possible.
  • Know where to turn off your gas, water and electricity supplies.

During a storm

  • Close your doors, windows and storm shutters if you have them.
  • To protect against breaking glass keep your curtains closed.
  • Open internal doors only when needed and close them behind you.
  • Wait until the storm has passed before you try and repair any damage outside.
  • If you need to leave the property turn off your gas, water and electricity before you leave (if safe to do so)

After a storm has passed

  • Contact your insurance company immediately if your home has been damaged by the storm.
  • Keep clear from outside walls and trees as they may have been damaged during the storm.
  • If there is a power outage, avoid a fire hazard by using torches rather than candles for light.
  • Storm damage can be very expensive. AA Home Insurance can cover your home against damage caused by storms.

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