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How to deal with flood water

AA advice for handling flood water

Paddy Finn, AA patrol of the year for 2009, says: "All drivers, including those with local knowledge, can be caught out during heavy downpours, as even the most modern road surface is still susceptible to standing water. This creates a potential aquaplaning hazard as well as significantly reducing visibility. Drivers should take it easy and if the steering does become unresponsive due to the rain, ease off the accelerator and slow down gradually."

"If drivers come across flood water, they should only attempt to drive through if they know it's not too deep and maintain a steady, slow speed to avoid creating a bow wave."

"The engine's air intake on many cars is low down at the front of the car and it can take just an egg cupful of water in the combustion chamber to wreck an engine. Water doesn't compress and the piston in effect hits a wall, bending or breaking a con rod. Driving fast, even if the intake's above the water level could cause water to be ingested."

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