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Hazards of summer driving

Safety advice for driving during good weather!

The good weather does not always mean good driving conditions as the sunshine can melt the road surface making it extremely slippery. Also, rain at the end of a long dry spell can mix with dust, oil and rubber, producing a road surface like an ice rink.

Driving tips for summer motoring

Servicing: A full service is necessary at least one full week before a long journey.

Last Minute Checks: Engine, oil, brake and clutch fluids, battery electrolyte, tyre pressure and the windscreen washer reservoir should be rechecked just before the journey

Spare Kit: Delays caused by minor faults can be reduced by taking a small spares kit comprising of a fan belt, radiator hoses, bulbs, points, a condenser, pair of spark plugs and a roll of insulting tape.

Balance: The load should be balanced, that is, heavy articles should be placed as near to the centre of the car as possible. Heavy articles must never be concentrated on one side of the vehicle, neither must luggage impede the drivers vision or prevent seat belts from being used.

Inside The Car: Loose or heavy items in the passenger compartment can move under braking or cornering - this can distract the driver or jam against the control.

Outside The Car: Roof racks must be firmly and loaded with as low a profile as possible to minimise the wind resistance and maintain stability. Also, make sure every-thing carried on the roof rack is securely tied down.

Care In The Country: Many city drivers feel free driving in the country - less restricted, however, you must remember, care and attention is still needed at all times - there may just be a herd of cows around the next corner!
Farm animals must be treated with patience. Drivers meeting them should slow down well in advance and leave as much space as possible between the car and the herd.
Fast driving past a horse and rider can also be dangerous - it may cause the horse and rider to shy and throw its rider. They should be overtaken very slowly, with as much space as possible between it and its rider.

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