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Spare wheels are Non-standard and for temporary use only

Non-Standard Spare Wheels are for emergency, for temporary use only.

Tyres on the same axle must have the same nominal size and aspect ratio.  You'll fail the NCT if they don’t.

Handling and controllability of the vehicle will be different with a skinny spare fitted. 

Your vehicle’s instruction manual will carry clear information about your spare tyre’s operating restrictions.’  For example the maximum speed you can travel whilst your spare tyre is fitted.

Space saver wheels are designed for temporary use to enable the vehicle to be driven to a place of repair only.  There is no maximum distance specified but due to the speed restriction and the fact that the tyre compound is generally softer the distance should not be excessive.

The original car tyre should be repaired/replaced as soon as possible.

  • If you're buying a new car check the specification to find out if a 'normal' or non-standard spare will be supplied.
  • Some manufacturers give you the option to upgrade a skinny spare to a standard spare.
  • Others don't supply a spare wheel at all as they fit run-flat tyres or supply an emergency sealant and inflator pack.


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