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Tolls, tips and driving advice

Touring tips

Drinking and driving: If the level of alcohol in the bloodstream is 0.05 per cent or more severe penalties including fines and / or prison are imposed. Young driver’s blood alcohol level and novice driver’s blood alcohol level is 0.019 per cent. 

Driving licence: The minimum age at which an Irish license holder may drive a temporarily imported car and / or motorcycle is 18. 

Fines: On-the-spot fines are imposed; they can be settled by cash or by bank card. Unauthorised and dangerous parking can result in the car being impounded or removed. 

Fuel: Unleaded petrol (95 & 98 octane) and diesel are available. LPG is available in a few petrol stations (approximately 12). It is forbidden to carry petrol in a can. Credit cards are accepted at filling stations, check with your card issuer for usage in Luxembourg before travel. 

Lights: The use of dipped headlights during the day is recommended. Sidelights are required when parking where there isn’t any public lighting. When visibility is reduced to fewer than 100 meters due to fog, snow, heavy rain etc, dipped headlights must be used. It is compulsory to flash headlights at night when overtaking outside built-up areas. In tunnels indicated by a sign, drivers must use their passing lights. 

Motorcycles: Use of dipped headlights during the day is compulsory. The wearing of crash helmets is compulsory for both driver and passenger. Children under 12 are not permitted as a passenger. 

Motor Insurance: Third-party motor insurance is compulsory. 

Passengers/Children in cars: Children under 3 years of age must be seated in an approved restraint system. Children aged 3 to 17 years and / or under 1.5m must be seated in an appropriate restraint system. If their weight is over 36kg a seatbelt can be used but only on the rear seat of the vehicle. Rearward facing child restraint systems are prohibited on seats with frontal airbags unless the airbag is disabled.

Seat belts: Compulsory for front / rear seat occupants to wear seat belts, if fitted.

Speed limits: Standard legal limits, which may be varied by signs, for private vehicles without trailers are: 50 km/h in built-up areas, 90 km/h outside built-up areas and 130 km/h on motorways (110 km/h in case of rain or snow) and 70 km/h for vehicles with spiked tyres. 

Compulsory equipment in Luxembourg 

  • Reflective jacket - It is compulsory for the driver and passengers to wear a reflective waistcoat when exiting a vehicle in a breakdown situation on a motorway or outside built up areas, at night and in bad visibility.
  • Warning triangle - compulsory for all vehicles with 4 or more wheels.
  • Tyres – All tyres on a car must be of the same type, either winter tyres marked M&S on the sidewall or summer tyres. 

Other rules/requirements in Luxembourg

The use of spiked tyres is permitted from the 1st December until the 31st March.

Use of snow chains is permitted, in case of snow or ice. 

Any vehicle immobilised on the motorway must use warning signals, a warning triangle and a flashing light at the rear. 

In built up areas the use of the horn is prohibited except in the case of immediate danger.

‘Zone de rencontre’ – This new road sign which can be seen in residential and commercial areas indicates a maximum speed of 20 km/h. Within this zone pedestrians have priority and may cross the road whenever they choose to, if they do not unnecessarily impede the traffic.

This information should be read in conjunction with general advice for motoring in Europe.

Toll Prices

N/A - Toll Prices are not available at this time

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