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Tractor driving

Seasonal driving advice for tractors

Tractors don't have to be fitted with brake or indicator lights unless used at night – in daylight be prepared for them to stop or turn without warning. Also, tractor drivers often have sound-proofed cabs or wear ear protectors, so they may not hear approaching cars. It's easy to get restless when slow-moving vehicles are holding you up, but impatience can lead to accidents.

For safe rural driving, follow our country road code:

Remember the two second rule – keep plenty of distance behind the tractor, in case it brakes suddenly

  • A tractor may be longer than it appears, particularly if it has a loader on the front. If you overtake it make sure you have plenty of room to get past it
  • Slow down if you come across a spillage – for example a bale of straw hit at speed can cause considerable damage to a car
  • Don't park in a gateway or passing place – they are farmers' field access points
  • Drive carefully after rain – dry mud can turn roads into a skidpan after a downpour

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