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Reduce your heating bill

10 tips on reducing your home heating bill this winter

1. When buying heaters make sure that they are the correct size for the room.

2. Use your boiler controls to heat your house on a segmented rather than whole house basis.

3. Also make sure that your boiler is on a timer so you’re only heating the house when it’s occupied.

4. Fit thermostatic values to your radiators

5. Use your boiler to provide you with hot water rather than your electric emersion as it consumes far more energy.

6. Have your boiler serviced as per the manufacture’s guidelines.

7. Consider placing an older boiler (more than 10 years old) with a high-efficiency boiler. Thanks to the greater energy efficiency it will provide you could be saving as much as 30% off your bill.

8. Consider turning your central heating down by a degree or two. By doing so you could be saving as much as 10 percent on your home heating bill.

9. Take a shower not a bath! You’ll use far less hot water.

10. If implementing insulation measures to a home built pre 2006, check if it is eligible for an SEI grant.

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