My home is unoccupied for most of the year, is there anything I should do?

When the Holiday Home becomes Unoccupied for a period greater than 48 hours it is a Condition Precedent that:
1. All accessible windows excluding bedroom windows are secured with window locks.
2. All external doors are secured with 5 lever mortice deadlocks, or equivalent locks.
3. Intruder alarms where installed are put into operation.
4. Fortnightly inspections of the Property inside and outside are made by You or Your representative.
5. Any accumulations of combustible materials such as junk mail and newspapers are removed during each inspection of the Holiday Home.
6. From April 1st to October 31st (inclusive) the water, gas and electricity supply are turned off at the mains unless the Alarm system or Central Heating system is dependent on the
7. From 1st November to 31st March (inclusive), the water is turned off, system drained and the gas/electricity supply is turned off at the mains. The exception to this is if the Alarm system/Central heating is dependent on the supply and the Holiday Home is fitted with an operating thermostatically controlled heating system which maintains an air temperature higher than 5 degrees centigrade and the trap door(s) to the attic/loft are left open.