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Home security

AA tips for a safe and secure home

Burglary prevention

According to the Central Statistics Office, in Q3 of 2010 alone, there were more than 6,000 burglaries and associated crimes in Ireland.  A recent review all our Home Insurance policies also indicates that there is definite room for improvement when it comes to securing our houses.  The study reveals that 16% of theAA.ie Home Insurance customers have neither an alarm nor a security lock in place.  37% have no alarm of any description and a third don’t have a security lock fitted at all. 

17% of Home Insurance customers have a monitored alarms system in place and are saving on their house insurance as a result.  With AA Home Insurance customers who have an alarm hooked up to an approved monitoring system receive a discount of up to 20%. 

To help keep your house safe from unwelcome intruders we’ve put together the following burglary prevention tips for you.

Winter maintenance

When it comes to your home, prevention is most definitely better than cure.  Whilst maintenance should be an all year round activity, it’s particularly important to take extra precautions in the run up to winter in anticipation of lower temperatures, heavy rain and strong winds.

To help keep your home safe this winter we’ve put together the following winter maintenance tips.

Protection against flooding

If the area you live in is susceptible to flooding, it’s very important to be proactive in protecting your home and its contents against flooding. To help keep your home safe from flooding we've created the following house tips to protect your home against flooding.

Home Plumbing Tips

Protect your home against water damage

The escape of water is one of the causes of house insurance claims; it is a good idea to implement a few precautions helping to reduce the risk of pipes bursting and therefore causing severe damage to your home or rental house.

It’s always good to start with any uncovered pipes, inside or outside your house, which may be in danger from freezing and cracking in cold and harsh freezing weather conditions.

The AA has put together the following Home Plumbing Tips to help you out.

Domestic fire safety

Having a fire in your home is not something that you ever want to experience. Fires can occur in a variety of ways and in any room in your house. It can lead to drastic property damage, financial loss, injury and loss of life in the very worst case scenario. To help you to protect your home and family we’ve put together the following fire safety tips.

DIY Safety

Whether you’re an experienced DIY enthusiast or a complete beginner, it’s important to come up with a plan of action before cracking out your tool box.  DIY injuries do happen from time to time so it’s important to consider the risks and how to avoid them before you get stuck in. To help you avoid unneccesary risks we've put together a DIY safety guide for you.

Child safety in the home

Household injuries are one of the top reasons children under the age of 3 visit A&E in Ireland each year. Young children have the highest risk of being injured at home because that's where they spend most of their time. It’s important to consider what’s at a child’s eye level when child proofing your home.

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