26 Nov Are you prepared for your Winter sports holiday?

Planning on hitting the slopes this winter? According to a previous AA Travel Insurance survey of almost 9,400 respondents, almost 9% said they had taken a skiing or snowboarding trip or both in the last five years.

There’s no question that planning your break – choosing the resort, your chalets or hotels and flights, as well as sorting out your ski or boarding equipment – is great fun as it sharpens anticipation of the excitement ahead. But you mustn’t neglect the most important purchase of all – your winter sports cover. It is vital that you upgrade your travel insurance to the appropriate additional level to ensure you’re covered to participate in such winter sports, as well as the likes of lost or damaged equipment. If you don’t then you could invalidate your policy.

Skiing and Snowboarding Holidays

If you suffer an injury that is worse than a dented pride and a few bruises it could cost a fortune between heli rescue, x-rays, surgeries and hospital stays.

Many people don’t realise that collisions on the slopes are dealt with in much the same way as a car accident. If a collision is clearly your fault, you could well be held personally liable so insurance is absolutely fundamental. It’s the same as with car insurance – it’s there to protect others just as much as protecting you.

AA Travel Insurance suggests a few simple points to help make sure you enjoy your holiday – and get home again in one piece:

  1. Only attempt runs suitable for your ability
  2. Take some lessons if you’re a beginner or out of practice
  3. Pay attention to signs and markers on the slopes
  4. Leave plenty of space when overtaking another skier or boarder
  5. Only stop at the edge of the piste or where you can easily be seen
  6. Ski or snowboard on the marked runs – these are protected from unexpected alpine dangers
  7. Don’t ski alone – there’s safety in numbers
  8. Ensure you and your party have a piste map, and don’t stray from the main areas
  9. Do some exercise and get fit before you go
  10. Après-ski is just that – avoid alcohol until you have finished skiing or boarding for the day
  11. Make sure your winter sports holiday insurance is up to date before you go

All AA winter sports single trip and annual multi-trip policies can be bought online, and you can now avail of a 20% discount if you are a private medical insurance policyholder.

Linda Pototzki