Top Cause of a Car Breakdown in 2016


The key to avoiding a car breakdown is to keep it in good health.

  • Winter Car breakdowns are up by 17%
  • Motorists continue to battle with worn-out and flat batteries

According to the AA, the number of winter breakdowns occurring on Irish roads over the past two years has increased by 17 percent.

Among the top causes of winter breakdowns is worn-out or flat batteries. This is due to a drop in temperatures, a headache many motorists can easily avoid with a little preventative maintenance. If you do happen to find yourself stranded with a flat battery, do not attempt to use jump leads without seeking advice. See our advice here.

“The key to avoiding a breakdown is to keep your car in good health,” says AA Director of Consumer Affairs, Conor Faughnan. “The cost of running a car is no joke and while some of us may be tempted to dodge a repair bill until we are literally stopped in our tracks, the cost may be even greater in the long-term,” says Conor.

Once again this year the AA is urging motorists to take preventative care now for their cars and avoid waiting for the eventuality of a breakdown.

“The worst of the winter weather has yet to come” advises Faughnan. “So far it has been very mild and we have yet to see much frost. Winter will still prove taxing for motorists, particularly if they’re not prepared. AA Rescue patrols attend thousands of breakdowns every month and many of these could be prevented if drivers set aside a little time for some car maintenance.”

While the AA is warning about winter now motorists are also encouraged to make car maintenance a year round habit. Follow our advice and carry out these vital car checks before you take to the road this winter.

If you find yourself stranded with a flat battery or if your car has broken down, we can help. AA Members can report a car breakdown through the AA App or call us on 01 617 9560Download and register today.

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