How to help protect your home against a burglary

We are now well and truly into to the swing of autumn where evenings are beginning to get shorter and your degree of vulnerability to home burglaries are somewhat increased. We have compiled some top tips on how to help protect your home against a burglary.

Home security

It would be good practice to develop a routine of locking all doors and windows, before going to bed, leaving your home or even going as far as your garden. We would strongly recommend that you get a home alarm system installed in your home, and of course be sure to routinely use it. As an added incentive of keeping you, your family and personal belongings free from harm most home insurers offer a further discount if you have an audible alarm installed.

Concealing expensive items

Expensive items such as laptops, tablets, smartphones, and televisions should be concealed as much as possible. When installing a TV, try to position it so it’s difficult to see from the outside of your home.

Spare keys

Avoid leaving your spare set of keys outside of your home for your spouse, other family members or friends under a flower pot or front door mat. If a burglar finds the key and lets themselves in, this might invalidate the insurance (as theft is excluded without signs of forcible entry/exit of the property). Instead, leave a key with a neighbour. If your keys are stolen from your home, we will cover you up to €1,000 for the replacement and installation of new locks.

When going on holidays…

If you and all house occupants are planning on going on holidays, refrain from broadcasting it on social media that you are jetting off to Sunset Paradise – by doing so you are essentially inviting crooks into your home!

It is worth asking a neighbour to keep an eye on your home, leave on hall lights better yet, get someone to house-sit. Cancelling any milk or newspaper delivery services in advance of departure is also a good deterrent for any unexpected ‘visitors’.



Due to being in the Home Insurance market since the 1970’s, we are bias but every homeowner needs some level of Home Insurance and some mortgage providers have it as an eligibility requirement.

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