Stick car checks on Santa’s list this Christmas

AA Rescue is advising motorists to carry out vital car maintenance checks lest they risk a breakdown over the Christmas period, when many garages are expected to be closed for the holiday.

“Naturally in the run-up to Christmas, traffic volumes increase dramatically,” says Conor Faughnan, AA Director of Consumer Affairs. “Christmas Day itself sees roads at their quietest, nonetheless you would be surprised with the amount of families that will find themselves stopped in their tracks and possibly stranded at the roadside. We’re proud to be able to rescue our Members and get them quickly back to their festivities.”

For AA Rescue, Christmas Day is just like any other, operating 24/7 to serve their valued Members. And although the weather is forecasted to be unseasonably mild, the rescue service is advising motorists to ensure they are prepared in the event of a breakdown, whatever the cause. Flat batteries are one of the most common causes of breakdowns during winter and generally occur as a result of human error, poor maintenance and lack of vehicle use.

“Flat batteries that occur during the winter months are usually down to the motorists’ high dependency on their radio, wipers and rear demister,” says AA Patrol of the Year, Lar Byrne. “Leaving everything on in the car as you’re doing the gift rounds is a sure-fire way to extend those short and sweet visits. Thankfully we can easily jump start a car, and we carry spare batteries should they need replacing,” adds Lar.

The AA app is now the quickest way for Members to report a breakdown and allows users to track their Patrol’s arrival on their smartphone – even on Christmas Day. The new app also contains to-the-minute Roadwatch updates for all traffic routes.

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