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Car security

Tips to aid in the prevention of car theft

With modern cars being fitted with complex immobilizers, a common tactic for thieves these days is to take keys off hall tables or from convenient key racks near the door, simply by ‘fishing’ for them with a pole through the letterbox.

The days of ‘hot-wiring’ cars are for the most part behind us.  However tactics have changed. Thieves will now target car keys, and will sometimes break into a house to look for them. It is a mistake to leave them in an obvious place like on a hall table.

Burglars are also adept at opening doors secured with conventional slam-shut barrel locks.  Once in the house, they’ll often find the keys left on a table or sideboard and can make a quiet getaway in the stolen vehicle.

AA Car Insurance tips to tackle car thieves:

  • Don’t be a temptation to the thief – lock your valuables in the boot.
  • Park legally in a secure place.
  • Lock the doors when driving.
  • Park before 11.00pm for greater comfort.
  • Use off street car parks.
  • Lock the car! It is all too easy to forget the obvious.
  • Use a steering wheel lock especially if you’re driving an older vehicle.  Cars built before 1996 are at high risk.  Cars built after 1996 are at low risk and cars built after 1999 are at very low risk.
  • Check your insurance. AA Car Insurance policies come with a Lifetime No Claims Discount for Fire, Theft or Glass claims.

Number plate theft

If your number plates are stolen you should contact the Gardaí immediately. It may seem trivial at the time but your plates will probably be used to change the identity of another car.  You could be wrongfully connected with a crime as result. 

Satellite navigation theft

If you use a sat nav in your car, take it with you whenever you leave the car.  You should also remove the cradle and suction pads and clean away any tell-tale marks.

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