Reinforced or Extra Load tyres for MPV and Estate Cars |
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Reinforced or Extra Load tyres for MPVs

Tyres for Space Wagons/Multi Purpose Vehicles.

Heavy vehicles and loads place greater demands on the tyres.   They run hotter and would be more susceptible to failure if they were not of the correct specification.

Most Multi-Purpose-Vehicles (mpvs) are heavier and can carry more load than a car of similar size. As a result most MPV manufacturers now specify reinforced, extra load or commercial tyres.

Though it may not be mentioned specifically in the manual that the vehicle is fitted with reinforced tyres it's important to make sure that any replacement tyres match the tyres fitted when the car was new.


To check if your vehicle is fitted with extra load capacity tyres look for the following markings on the tyre sidewall:

  • XL – Extra Load
  • RNF – Reinforced
  • C – Commercial

 If you're unsure which specification of tyre should be fitted to your car you should contact the vehicle manufacturer or one of their appointed dealers.

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