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Runflat tyres

Run-flat Tyres have limited capability following a puncture.

Many car makers are now fitting run-flat tyres as original equipment.  These have either a reinforced sidewall or additional internal structure to provide partial support to the tyre in a deflated condition.

Ride quality on a deflated run-flat tyre will be similar to normal.  The driver may not be able to tell that a puncture has happened, particularly if driving on the motorway. For this reason run-flat tyres will always be fitted together with a tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS).

Refer to the vehicle manual for restrictions on use following a puncture.  Deflated tyres should be capable of at least 80 kilometers at speeds up to 80 kmph and should be renewed or repaired as soon as possible after a puncture.

Worn or damaged, run-flat tyres should be replaced by the same make of run-flat tyre. In some cases the TPMS will need to be reset after the fitting of a new tyre

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