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The 10 funniest place names in Ireland

Published 22nd April 2015Read Time 2 min

When listening to traffic and travel reports on the radio, or reading them online, you often hear/see some strange place names. Ireland is full of intriguingly named areas which are sure to raise a smile. We recently asked our social media followers for their suggestions for some of the quirkier townlands around the country and there was a great response. Here are some of the places that were suggested.
  1. Heavenstown, Wexford – A glorious place to live.
  2. Bastardstown, Wexford – A not so glorious place to live.
  3. Horetown, Wexford – Only a 30 minute drive to Bastardstown, coincidentally
  4. Fannystown, Wexford – Wexford really does like its quirky names.
  5. Muckanaghederdauhaulia, Galway – They should have thrown more letters at it.
  6. Muff, Donegal – Always worthy of a mention. For a little something extra, Grainne’s Gap is located not too far away.
  7. Crazy Corner, Westmeath – A zany place to live.
  8. Hospital, Limerick – Could get confusing if you’re getting a taxi in the wee hours of the night. “I want to go to hospital, please.”
  9. Muff Crescent, Nobber, Meath – Surely someone knew what they were doing when this was proposed.
  10. Cum, Lahardane, Mayo - No comment.

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