AA Customer Commendements

Alan McCabe – Following a recent Home Rescue callout, the below was sent in by Brian Murtagh to acknowledge Alan’s great work.

I had a home rescue visit on 27th December around 9pm in the evening to help me with getting a VW Transporter van out of my garden. The person involved was Alan McCabe.
This was a particularly difficult situation. My Van could not be driven up a short incline in my garden due to wet conditions. I want to say that Alan went far beyond all reasonable expectations and did his absolute utmost to sort out my problem. Officially speaking, he could have left the scene without success after about 15 minutes of effort. However Alan took a number of different initiatives to move my vehicle. At all times he was not only courteous, but on top of that attended to every possible health and safety stratgegy. He alerted me to any possible risks on a number of occasions and made sure that I myself was well clear at all times.
Alan spent probably over an hour helping me out of the problem and was successful in his efforts. To be honest, even if he had not succeeded, he deserves the highest commendation for his extraordinary commitment to trying to sort out my problem.

With huge thanks for a professional service that went beyond the call of duty.

John Merriman – Another one of our super patrols, those who have worked with John will find themselves agreeing with Lisa Gibney who sent in the below.

A Chara,
I wish to log a compliment.
My car broke down and I was rescued by a gentleman called Jon on Monday morning. I wish to take time out of my busy day with two kids to complement him because he was a true gentleman. He went above and beyond the call of duty and I think he deserves recognition.
My car registration number is 171D26867. My membership is paid by the Hyundai garage where I bought my car.
Best wishes
Lisa Gibney

Olaolu Olojo – Going above and beyond for our customer is every bit as important in the contact centre as it is on the road. Not only was Ben McAuliffe pleased following his dealings with Olaolu but he also made a point of complimenting all of our hard working Customer Service staff.

I contacted you earlier today, just made contact through the phone with one of your representatives.
I did not get his name, but I am contacting you to complement him in his pleasantness, and manner.

I was delighted to continue to do business with AA.
Your staff are very competent and the customer service is excellent

Melissa Pearce and Carl Fox: Unfortunately the name of this customer is unknown to us, but so pleased was one of our customers following their dealings with two members of our team that they sent along a card with the below message to Aoife Moore.

‘To the manager of the customer care section,
Just wanted to congratulate you on your team who answer the phones on the customer service desk. I had to make contact with your office on 4 occasions in the last week due to changing my credit card detail. The staff were so professional and helpful (Melissa Pearce and Carl Fox). Well done on providing a great service.’