Tips On Car Insurance for Women

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car insurance, fronting, no claims bonus

Up until December 21st 2012 car insurance for woman was generally less expensive, as road safety statistics demonstrated that women tend to be safer drivers and are less likely to be involved in an incident. However, since December 2012 a European Court of Justice ruling made it illegal for insurance companies to use gender as a factor in calculating the cost of car insurance for women or men.

As a result of this ruling, insurance prices were equalised across both genders which led to prices for some groups of women rising slightly, while prices for some men dropped.

How To Find Car Insurance Savings for Women?

While you can no longer receive a lower insurance quote on the basis of your gender, there are some things you can do to ensure you get the best price on your cover. If you’re looking to reduce your premiums shopping around and choosing the correct level of cover for your needs is vital to keep costs down.

Similarly, while your gender is no longer considered when calculating your premium, your driver history plays a huge role in dictating how much you will pay for cover. Maintaining a clean driver record, reducing your mileage where possible and choosing a more secure car will help you save.

Finally, when shopping around make sure to check what discounts insurers are offering. For example, the AA Car Insurance summer sale is now on. Grab yourself a great deal online today.

How Do I Know What Level of Car Insurance is Right For Me?

When purchasing car insurance there will be three different levels of cover available; Comprehensive Insurance, Third Party, Fire and Theft Insurance and Third Party Insurance. (Currently the AA only offers Comprehensive or Third Party, Fire and Theft cover.) Choosing the right level of cover for your needs will help you avoid over-paying on your insurance.

For example, if you have an older car or a car of lower-value choosing a third party, fire and theft policy as opposed to comprehensive insurance may prove cheaper. If you’re unsure which level of cover is right for you be sure to check out our guide comparing comprehensive and third party, fire and theft insurance.