1. Hi Conor just a few words about the NCT test,it was march 2009 that i e-mailed a nct consultation Urusla mc Andrew about the intention to make it compulsory for all cars over 10 years to be tested every year, now as i said to her in my opinion that if they were serious about the well being of road users the nct test would be free and we would pay for repairs if required, now after looking at prime time this week it confirms my previous opinion,and they have confirmed that the more cars get tested the more the tester gets paid, it is another way to rip off the motorist, and this is not including the back handers that was also proven on the programme rip of Ireland is alive and well so we know have to pay €50.00 every year again why is this not €25.00 if it every year?? just proves my point about a money making racket. thanking you and we Irish are worse to put up with it. thanking you C.Doran.

  2. hi conor just writting to u on here i want to let u know that a number of petrol stations have being ripping people off i was my self at a staion in cork were i went to fill my car up but the pump did not start pumping till 25 cent was up on the clock and in another station in kerry it reached 50 on the pump before it let the petrol through i dont know if this has being noticed by the aa and what my rights are as a customer and is it ligall to do that to customers who are buying petrol

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