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New Car Review: Dacia Jogger Extreme SE TCe 110

Published 27th September 2022Read Time 14 min

Good Stuff 👍

The value, the space, the standard equipment

Bad Stuff 👎

Very little, some people will be concerned by the NCAP score but probably shouldn’t be.

What is the Dacia Jogger?

An incredibly good value 7-seater

The Dacia Jogger is the evermore popular brand’s 7-seater estate-come-SUV-come-MPV that is going to appeal to a whole lot of people as it is Ireland’s cheapest new 7-seater, which for some people is a necessity rather than a luxury. Up until now, you had to spend a lot more money to get a 7-seater and with this Jogger, Dacia is also throwing loads of equipment at it too, so you don’t feel short-changed either. This could very well be one of the most important cars that have been launched for some time as it will give a new group of buyers the option of buying a new car that they previously might not have up until now.

How about the looks of the Dacia Jogger?

Function over form

Your kids aren’t going to hug you, weeping with joy when you come home with the Jogger. This is not a sexy car, but it is an eminently functional one and that has, by and large, dictated the shape of this car, which looks like the offspring of a Dacia Sandero, a Dacia Logan Estate and a vague whiff of Duster. It isn’t quite an estate, isn’t quite an SUV, but is sort of both.

Our model was the top-spec Extreme version which looks like it was imagined to appeal to the ‘outdoorsy’ type, by adding some early colour tones and menacing-looking wheel arches. This will do nothing for its rugged pretensions, but they do life this version of the Jogger away from the slightly bland styling of the more basic versions. There is 200mm of ground clearance, however, so it won’t wince at car park ramps and there is a reinforced body structure and protective body-cladding to cope with the stresses and strains of being a family car.

“It is all about the packaging though with seven seats, and plenty of space in the second and third rows for even adults. ”
Paddy Comyn

What is the inside of the Dacia Jogger like?

Clever, useful packaging

It is all about the packaging though with seven seats, and plenty of space in the second and third rows for even adults. And truth be told, this will be the primary reason people are buying this car – for the space and for the fact that they can have a new seven-seater for the price of its rivals that is several years old. The extra 459mm of length has been used very efficiently and even with all seven seats being occupied there is 212 litres of luggage space, but when you fold down the rearmost seats (which don’t fold flat, but can be removed relatively easily) then you are left with 699-litres.

Folding the second row and removing the third-row increase that even further to an impressive 2,085 litres, which will be ideal for your Ikea trips or the dreaded Smyth’s Toys Massacre at Christmas time. There are ISOFIX child-seat mounts for the outer second-row seats and there are four lashing rings, three load hooks, and elastic straps to hold loads safely and securely. On the Extreme SE model we were driving, there are cup holders for the second-row seats and fold-down tray tables, while even those in the third row have their own armrests and tilt-opening windows.

There are 23 litres of storage space littered throughout the cabin for all the various family paraphernalia that can come with kids and dogs. For the front two, there is Dacia’s Media Control system, which revolves around a smartphone docking station integrated into the dashboard. The Extreme SE version comes with the Media Nav system, which has Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, a full in-car navigation function and an upgraded audio system with six speakers and two USB ports.

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What is the Dacia Jogger like to drive?

Better than most SUVs in terms of handling

The Jogger is an honest-to-goodness family car. It isn’t fast, and it isn’t that interesting to drive, but it has a sound, wipe-clean honestly that will make it an ideal family companion for the usual daily school run and Saturday morning kids’ sport scrambles. It will put up with a ton of punishment too.

The manual gearbox could be a little smoother and our test car already had a few squeaks and rattles, but overall it is easy to see out, the power from the 1.0-litre three-cylinder turbocharged petrol engine is ‘adequate’ with 0-100km/h taking a leisurely enough 11.2 seconds. The Jogger weighs 1,862kg which actually isn’t too bad for a seven-seater and because it is more like an estate car than an SUV it doesn’t pitch and roll too much in corners.

Which Dacia Jogger should I buy?

Extreme SE offers amazing value and spec

There are three versions of the Jogger available for Ireland. At the entry level is the Essential grade, which starts off from €24,950. This is followed by the Expression from €26,490 and then the model we were driving, the Extreme SE from €27,990, so there isn’t a huge price leap between the entry-level model and the top-spec model so you can imagine that since so many people will buy this car on finance, that many might pay the very little monthly difference for the higher spec model.

The Essential comes with items such as Media Control, Bluetooth, Smartphone app and DAB, Rear Parking Sensors, Manual Air-Conditioning and Cruise Control and Speed Limiter. Move up to the Expression model and you gain an 8” Media Display, Bluetooth with Wireless Smartphone replication, Rear Parking Camera and Automatic Air Conditioning and then the model we were driving, the Extreme SE comes with 16” Black Alloy wheels, heated front seats and 8” Media Nav, Bluetooth with Wireless and Smartphone replication.

Given the small price jump, we would say go for the Extreme SE if you can.

Is the Dacia Jogger safe?

Don't freak out about the 1-star NCAP score

There was some fuss over the Euro NCAP scores for the Dacia Jogger, as it received a one-star result from the car-testing organisation. While this score, can on paper, look a little alarming it shouldn’t necessarily put you off as you must remember that this is a car that is aimed as a value proposition and the latest Euro NCAP testing criteria include some items that would just not be in a budget car. All come with a decent level of safety equipment so there is no need to worry, with six airbags, electronic stability control, automatic emergency braking, blind-spot warning and hill-start assist.

Verdict 👀

The Jogger is certainly one of the most important cars of 2022. And it shows just why the Dacia brand is doing so well, because it offers incredible value for money and is an ideal family car solution. The fact that you can get a brand new 7-seater, that is fully loaded with kit for under €30k at all is remarkable and in a world where prices have gone mad, Dacia offer some sense.

Spec Check ⚙️

Dacia Jogger Extreme SE TCe 110


1.0-litre in-line three-cylinder turbocharged 1.0-litre petrol






11.2 seconds

Fuel Economy

5.8 l/100km

Top Speed

186 km


6-speed manual, front-wheel drive



Annual Motor Tax


Luggage Capacity

221/699 litres (7/5 seats)

Price as tested


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