Roadwatch Guide To Marseille: Getting Around

Getting Around

Below you will find details of how to get around the beautiful city of Marseille. From getting to the airport to the city centre and then around the city itself, we’ve got you covered. We also have details of the best way to get the stadium on match day itself.

Airport to City Centre


Imaged Credit: Amayes XI. Used under CC licence.
Imaged Credit: Amayes XI. Used under CC licence.

For those flying over, the easiest way to get from Marseille Provence Airport to the city centre (St Charles Station) is by using the shuttle bus. Buses run each day every 15 minutes with the journey into the city centre then taking approx 25 minutes in normal traffic. It costs €8.20 one way (€13.10 return). There are cheaper tickets for people aged 25 and under. You can buy tickets near the platform. Train If you want to get the train to the city centre (St Charles Station is the main train station of the city), you’ll first have to catch the free shuttle bus from the airport to the Vitrolles Aéroport Marseille Provence railway station, which takes 5 mins max. The shuttle bus leaves from the Airport Train platform (in front of Hall 1) every 20mins before every scheduled train departure. The journey takes up to 30mins and costs € 4.90. Tickets can be bought at the ticket counter and ticket machines at the airport. Taxi You can also get a taxi from the Airport to the city centre and according to, it will cost approx €50 during the day and €60 at night. The bus and train are certainly cheaper options. Car Rental If you’re renting a car while you’re in Marseilles, there are a number of car rental companies at the airport.

Public Transport

A lot of the city can be travelled around on foot but there are also a number of public transport options, primarily the metro (underground/ subway), trams and buses. It’s worth noting that the metro system is made up of the Blue line (Line 1) and the Red line (Line 2).

Imaged Credit: britsinvade. Used under CC licence.
Imaged Credit: britsinvade. Used under CC licence.

Operated by RTM, the three options are rather handily integrated into one ticketing system. There is a standard charge of €1.70 wherever you go (these tickets are valid for up to 60 mins). Depending on how long you are staying in Marseille, it may be worth your while picking up a 24 hour ticket for €5 or a 3-day one for €10.50. You can buy tickets at the metro station platforms or on the bus. You can also pick tickets up at tourist offices and any shops which display the RTM sign. For more information, see RTM’s website.

You could also purchase a City Pass which is valid for 24 or 48 hours. This pass includes all your access to public transport as well as free access to around 15 museums, a boat and guided tour of the Château d’If and also a tourist train tour to Notre-Dame de la Garde. A 24hr pass costs €22 and a 48hr pass will set you back €29.

Match Day

Where is Stade Vélodrome?

Image Credit: T1o. Used under CC licence.
Image Credit: T1o. Used under CC licence.

The stadium is located at 3 Boulevard Michelet, which is approximately 3.5km south of Marseille city centre and about 4.5km from the main rail and bus station, St Charles.

Getting There

The easiest way to get to Stade Vélodrome is on the metro via the red line (line 2). Take the southbound metro from one of the stops in the city centre (eg. St Charles, Jules Guesde, Noailles) and then get off at either Rond-Point du Prado or Sainte Marguerite Dromel stops, both of which are located beside the stadium on different sides. Once off the metro, you’ll have less than 5 mins to walk to the stadium.

As you would expect with match day anywhere, all approach routes to the stadium will be very busy so make sure to allow plenty of time to make your way to the stadium before kick-off at 4.15pm.


Main Image Credit: Ines s. Used under CC licence.