myAA Frequently Asked Questions

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myAA Frequently asked questions

All you need to know about myAA


How do I register for myAA?

To Register for myAA, go to 

Click on "Join myAA", Enter your email address and create and confirm your myAA Password. Click on "Join myAA" again and you are now registered.

New Customers can also register through our Motor, Home, Travel, Membership, Home Membership and EBC journeys by selecting the "Save my Details" option and creating a myAA password.


How do I renew my Insurance or Membership Policy?

1. Login to your myAA account at

2. Click on "My Renewals" and then enter your Policy Code or Membership Number and click “Add Renewal”.

- Insurance Customers need to send a Verfication PIN to the email or Mobile Number used when purchasing the policy.

- Membership Customers must enter the unique online PIN from your renewal letter.

3. Click "Verify PIN & Add Policy"

4. Proceed to renew your Policy

Please note: your Policy will display in "My Renewals" only when it is due for Renewal (20 Days prior to your renewal date).


I don't have access to my Phone / email address that the verification PIN was sent to. How can I change it?

If your phone number and or email address is no longer in use and you can't verify your myAA account you can contact our Renewals Team on 0818 227 228 and they will update your details.


myAA says that my email is already in use and I can't create an an account. What should I do?

If your email address is already in use you do the following:- Reset your password at


Use an different email address and create a new account. Please note renewal policies can only be associated to one email address.


Can somebody else access my data by registering with my email?

No, only you can access your personal data. In order to access any personal data we ask you to verify by PIN using the mobile number or email address that is associated with your Policy. All myAA accounts are secured by a unique email address and password created by the user.


How do I access my AA Rewards?

AA Rewards is now part of myAA. Simply login using your existing AA Rewards Email and password and click on the "Rewards" link on the myAA Welcome page.


How can I reset my password?

To Reset your password go to, enter your Email Address and click "Reset my Password". You will then receive an email with a unique link. Simply click on this link which will open a window in myAA prompting you to create and confirm your new myAA password. Note: For security reasons the password reset link will be valid for just 15 minutes. If the password is not reset within the 15 minute window you will be able to request another password reset link.


My Account is locked. How I can unlock it?

For security reasons your myAA account may be temporarily locked because of several incorrect password attempts. The account will be locked for 24 hours. If you have forgotten your password please go to and you can create a new password for your myAA account. 

Please note: You won't be able to create a new password while your myAA account is temporarily locked.If you need to Renew your Policy please call our Renewals Team on 0818 227 228 and they will be happy to assist you.


I don't remember my username - how can I retrieve it?

Usernames are usually your personal email address. We also send you a registration email when you register with myAA which can help you determine which email the account was setup under.


Some of my prepopulated details are incorrect/ out of date - how can I update them?

If your personal details are incorrect you can contact our Renewals Team on 0818 227 228 and we'll be happy to update your details.


I can't see my Insurance policy/Membership in myAA?

You can view your policies in the "My Renewals" section of myAA only when they are due for renewal. After you have renewed you won't be able to view these anymore. For all other queries on renewals please call our Renewals Team on 0818 227 228.


I can see quotes for Motor and Home products, but I also have quotes for other products. Why I can't see them?

We only store Motor Insurance and Home Insurance quotes. To help speed up the process for other products, you can reuse your Personal details such as Name, Address and Phone number.


Why do you store my details online?

We store your details so you can renew your existing policies with ease. It will save you time by allowing you to easily retrieve or edit them and allow you to store all of your AA Insurance and Membership Polices details in one place. Click on the following links to view the MyAA Terms and Conditions the AA Privacy Policy.


I have policies with the AA but can't see any of my details in myAA. Why?

There are several reasons this happens: 

1. Your policies are not due for renewal. Policy Renewals will be available 20 Days prior to your Renewal Date. 

2. You have no quotes generated online (i.e. all your quotes have been generated through the call center) 

3. We don't have your email address or your email is associated to multiple Customer Policies. If you have a live policy - log on to myAA and add your policies manually through the "My Renewals" page. All policies coming up for renewal as well as all web quotes will be added to your account after you verify with the PIN we send you. 

Please note - you will only see policies that are due for renewal.


Can I renew my policy using Direct Debit?

If Policies are aleady on Direct Debit they will auto rollover as per your Terms and Conditions.If you wish to switch from a Cash/Single Payment to a Direct Debit please call our Renewals team on 0818 227 228 and they will be happy to assist. AA Membership can be renewed in your myAA account by Single Card Payments or Direct Debit.


I contacted the Renewals Team and changed my Personal Details, but I can’t see them in myAA?

Changes to Personal details can take up to 24 hours to display within your myAA dashboard.


How can I register if I didn’t have an email address/mobile number when the policy was taken out

If you don't have a Mobile Number or Email Address associated to your Policy or Membership number you can do the following: 

1. Register for myAA, go to Click on "Join myAA", Enter your email address and create and confirm your myAA Password. Click on "Join myAA" again and you are now registered.

2. Contact our Renewals Team on 0818 227 228 to provide your Email Address and Mobile Number. Alternatively, if you complete a new quote containing up-to-date details, your "My Details" will be updated by this information within 24 hours. 

3. Once registered, In myAA go to "My Renewals", Enter your Policy Code/Membership Number and click "Add Renewal". For Privacy and Security purposes, you will be requested to verify by PIN to the Mobile Number orEmail Address provided in step 2. Once verified, your Policy will display in the myAA dashboard when it is due for Renewal (20 Days prior to your renewal date).

AA Ireland Limited trading as AA Insurance is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.