12 May Five Steps to Follow if your Passport is Lost or Stolen

Losing your passport can turn a great trip into a real nightmare.


Whether you’re mid-holiday, or had your fill of the sun (or slopes) and have suitcases in hand, realising you’re passport-less isn’t ideal. The costs and time involved in obtaining a replacement is not a holiday memory that you will want to reminisce over.

If you discover that you have lost your passport though, don’t panic. Follow our step-by-step advice on what you need to do, and finish your holiday with that same peace of mind you began it with.

1. If you discover that you have lost your passport, you should report its loss to the local police station within 24 hours of realization. Within that timeframe, you should take all necessary steps to retrieve the loss or theft of your passport. Failure to do so may affect your travel insurance claim.

2. At the police station, obtain a written report from the authorities and make some extra copies for peace of mind.

3. When you receive the police report you should then contact your travel insurance provider, and quote your policy number if possible.

4. Contact the Irish Consulate/Embassy at your destination. You’ll need to produce your police report in order to obtain a replacement travel document from them. A list of Irish Embassies and Consulates can be viewed here.

5. After submitting the police report to the Irish consulate, they will work to provide you with either a replacement passport to finish out your trip, or an emergency travel document if your departure is impending.

To avoid taking any of the steps above, keep an eye on your passport at all times or store it in a locked safe when not in use. If it does get lost or stolen, AA Travel Insurance can cover you.
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Barry Aldworth