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Off-piste skiing – are you covered?

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Ah the crisp air on your face, the twinkling of powdery snow under foot and the anticipation of rapidly whooshing down the slope.  Exercise, speed and mountain landscapes…the perfect non-alcoholic cocktail to unleash those feel-good endorphins and send you to your happy place.

Adrenaline sports by nature are addictive and just like any other compulsive behaviour some will be drawn in more than others.  There are those of us who are happy to tip away on the moderate slopes while others will seek the thrill fest of the steeper runs.  Others again, we estimate about 20%, are happy to take on the increased risks and challenges of off-piste skiing.

If you’re likely to venture into this last category it’s really important to know where you stand in terms of your travel insurance.  Accidents on the slopes can be very costly with potential bills for heli rescue, surgeries, x-rays, hospital stays and unbudgeted accommodation and food expenses for both you and your travel companions. These are all costs your insurance can protect you against.  Our Winter Sports Travel Insurance* policies cover you for medical expenses up to €10,000,000 for example.

Don’t assume that you’re covered for off-piste skiing.   AA Winter Sports Travel Insurance covers policyholders for off-piste skiing or snowboarding where an avalanche warning of 2 or less is in place, however many other providers don’t cover the activity or specify certain terms (i.e. the need to be accompanied by a qualified instructor or be within a resort approved area).

As a rule, when it comes to any type of insurance cover it’s always best to read through your policy and know exactly what is or isn’t covered.

To find out more about AA Travel Insurance click here.

*Winter Sports cover is available as an add-on at an additional cost to travel insurance policies, and is not covered as a part of regular AA Travel Insurance policies*

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