16 Jun Top Tips if you’re Hiring a Car in Europe

If you’re planning on making the journey and hiring a car to get around, Hertz has some important points for you to remember.

Plan a toll free trip

Main motorways can have expensive toll’s, it may take longer but plan a route along toll free roads that will bring you through smaller towns and villages where you can experience the real essence of the country.

Know the Rules of the Road 

Always observe the rules of the road as speeding, drink driving and use of you phone whilst driving are simply not allowed, so drive sensibly.

Don’t get lost

Rent a sat nav device or ensure that you bring your own device with up to date maps  so that you get to see as much as possible off the beaten track.

Fill your tank

Most petrol stations will accept chip and pin credit cards and many operate on a 24hr automatic basis, but don’t leave it until you are driving on fumes – just in case.

Book in advance

If renting a car in Europe, you will get a better rate if you book in advance from Ireland as your rate will include theft and collision damage insurances. These insurances do have excess policies meaning that you are responsible for a specified amount in the event of damage or theft.

Get the right cover

If using a third party excess cover, the rental company will preauthorise the excess amount on the rental against your credit card as in the event of theft or damage, the rental company will charge you and you will have to claim off your third party insurer. You can purchase Supercover at the counter which will reduce this excess to €0 or a nominal amount in place of taking a third party insurance policy.

Check the fuel policy

Hertz operates a collect full and return full policy, so no need to worry about being charged for fuel up front unless of course you decide to purchase our fuel policy option which gives you the tank of fuel at a reduced price, allowing you to return the car without refuelling.

Explore the optional extras

Additional drivers, one way fees, upgrades etc, these are all optional extras which can be added at a cost when collecting your rental car.

For any questions or queries in advance of your dream trip through Europe, email customerservices@hertz.ie.

Barry Aldworth