Suitability Policy

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Suitability Policy

Important Notice - Statement of Suitability

This is an important document which sets out the reasons why the product(s) or service(s) offered or recommended is/are considered suitable, or the most suitable, for your particular needs, objectives and circumstances.

The following is intended to assist you in assessing the suitability of the home membership cover offered by AA Ireland to your particular needs. Home Emergency Response provides a 24 hour service to make your home safe, secure and habitable in the event of a covered emergency.



The water supply pipe connecting your stopcock with the public or shared water supply is covered against sudden unexpected leakage, collapse or blockage.


Home emergencies involving the cold water storage tank, internal hot and cold water pipes, between the main internal stopcock and the internal taps. Sudden unexpected water leaking from internal overflow pipes, toilet cisterns or central heating pipes. Damage to waste water pipes within the boundary of your home where there is a blockage.


Your home is covered if there is a sudden and unexpected leak from the internal pipe connecting your gas meter to a gas appliance.


Your home is covered if there is a complete or partial, sudden and unexpected failure of all the internal lighting or power sockets in your home.


Your home is covered for the removal of mice, rats, wasps and hornets and removal of pests (wasps nest only) outside the main dwelling e.g. in garages and other outbuildings.


The slate or tiled roof of your home is covered where there's a likelihood of flooding, or a security risk.


We can help you gain access to your home and make it secure again if your door keys are lost or damaged or your locks fail unexpectedly. Cover is also available to replace your locks where they have been damaged by vandalism or break-in. Emergency repairs to broken or cracked windows.


If we consider your home to be uninhabitable for more than 48 hours following a covered event, we'll reimburse hotel costs, of up to €150 a night (includes VAT), for up to 3 nights.


Emergency repairs where you are left without heating or hot water are covered and this includes repairs to gas boiler and heating controls.

This is a brief summary of policy benefits only, for exact details a specimen policy / schedule / certificate is available for inspection on request at our head office at 61A South William Street, Dublin 2.

Contact our agents to find out more about Home Membership on 0818 227 228

AA Ireland Limited trading as AA Insurance is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.

AA Ireland Limited trading as AA Insurance is tied to Inter Partner Assistance for the purpose of selling Home Membership. Acceptance criteria, terms and conditions apply.