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Modern bathroom with wooden wall panels Modern bathroom with wooden wall panels

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7 Biggest Bathroom Trends Of 2022

Published 11th July 2022Read Time 6 min

Creating your own oasis for relaxation paired with functionality is at the forefront of the top bathroom trends this year. More often than not the bathroom is usually the last room on the list when planning home renovations. If 2022 is your year for a bathroom refresh, you have come to the right place. We have sourced all the latest bathroom trends in 2022 to get you inspired for your bathroom upgrade.

Refresh your space with the best bathroom trends in 2022


1. Luxury wet room Bathroom trends

Say goodbye to bulky trays and fully enclosed showers, wet rooms are minimal open concepts that consist of a fully tiled and waterproof bathroom with one large drain. Showers are level with the floor for a seamless walk-in experience, freestanding bathtubs can also be added for an impressive luxurious feel. Wet rooms offer a lot of protection for your floors and can be easy to clean and maintain. A wet room is a fantastic choice if you are looking for a very contemporary and luxury hotel bathroom feel.


2. Bold bathroom murals

Bathrooms are becoming bolder with homeowners opting for braver choices. Bathroom murals are a chic bathroom trend that upgrades monochromatic colour schemes. Bold wallpaper and intricate murals are used to create a feature wall with clean and complementing colours throughout the space. A cleverly chosen design will bring in a luxurious feel creating a calming oasis to escape to.


<H3> 3. Bathroom technology

The biggest trend in bathroom technology is the smart toilet, some of the biggest motivations for this are its advanced features, touch-free automatic lids, self-cleaning systems and even Bluetooth speakers. The smart toilet also helps you do your bit for the environment by saving on water, only using the amount of water needed. Other smart features leading the way in bathroom technology include heated flooring, smart mirrors, and voice activation features.


4. Statement marble finish

If bold murals are too much for your ideal bathroom, then the statement marble trend is another great way for you to create a feature wall. With marble, you can expect a tonal and opulent look by mixing calm and classic colours with rich contrasting tones. This design trend will have your bathroom looking timeless while also building some texture and warmth throughout the room.  Another method that is widely chosen over marble is statement stonework.


5. Biophilia

Biophilia is a design concept that is leading in home and bathroom trends in 2022. But what exactly is Biophilia? It is a design concept that is based on connecting with nature, essentially it means taking elements of the outdoors inside. So, plenty of greenery added throughout the bathroom will achieve this easily. This design trend creates a calming bathroom environment with the added benefit of cleverly chosen plants helping to purify the air.


6. At-home spa features

After the last few years of uncertainty in the world, it’s clear it’s influenced how we look after ourselves, with the ultimate goal for bathrooms is creating a sanctuary for self-care and relaxation. It’s really no surprise that home spa aesthetics is a top trend. An at-home spa feel is achieved with statement light features, an aromatherapy shower heads, smooth surfaces and tall standalone bathtubs. Much like the biophilia trend, this can be interpreted to your own personal taste levels and budget.


7. Wooden effect tiles

The warmth and character you can get from the classic choice of wooden flooring can now also be achieved in the bathroom. Wooden style tiles give the effect of a wooden floor but are much more practical than real wood flooring with splashes and spills easily managed. This choice of tile work is changing how we look at bathroom interiors. Wood effect tiles allow homeowners to have durability slip-resistant flooring and still enjoy the warmth and style details that natural wood flooring offers.


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