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Single Trip Travel Insurance

Protect your trip from as little as €4.42!*

*Value price covers one adult under 50 travelling to Europe for a duration of 3 days, holding private medical insurance.

What is AA Single Trip Travel Insurance?*

Single trip travel insurance is the essential companion for your one-time travels, offering tailored protection for everything from brief getaways to extensive global excursions. This policy ensures that each leg of your journey is covered, mitigating risks like last-minute cancellations, medical emergencies, or lost luggage. Get ready to embark with confidence, and remember to secure your single trip travel insurance with us today – your peace of mind is just a click away.
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Top Features And Benefits of AA Single Trip Travel Insurance 🏝

  • Just so you know this travel insurance only covers you for a single trip. It’ll protect you for up to 60 days straight while you’re away.
  • If you’re planning on taking more than one trip within a year, you might want to look into an annual multi-trip travel insurance instead.
  • That’ll give you coverage for all the trips you take during the year. Learn More
  • If your luggage gets delayed by more than 12 hours when you’re traveling, you’re covered up to €300. That’s about 50 euros per day for luggage reimbursement.
  • Receive coverage for unavoidable cancellations with protection up to €6,000 for non-refundable expenses such as travel fares and hotel bookings.
  • Just wanted to let you know about upgrading your travel insurance to an annual multi-trip travel insurance cover.
  • It covers you whether you’re getting ready for your trip, during your trip, or even after you’ve returned home.
  • That way you’ve got protection the whole year round no matter how many trips you take.
  • Cover for the year if you will be outside Ireland for more than 30 consecutive days.
  • Our coverage extends to a variety of exhilarating winter activities, including skiing and snowboarding, ensuring you can relish in the snowy thrills of the season with complete peace of mind. Read More.
  • Opt for AA Car Hire Excess Cover and steer clear of steep excess fees while renting vehicles overseas.
  • Get coverage for cancellations, shortened trips, medical costs, and extra lodging expenses if COVID-19 affects your travel plans and you’re unable to return home on schedule. Click to read more about this protection.

Round-the-Clock GP Access with AA Single-Trip Travel Insurance 👌

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Round-the-Clock GP Access with AA Single-Trip Travel Insurance 👌

All AA Travel Insurance policies now give you access to an English speaking GP 24/7 whilst you are abroad. If you need a doctor , they are just a call away or click away…

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With AA Travel Insurance, we have something for everyone.

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With AA Travel Insurance, we have something for everyone.

Secure affordable multi-trip holiday insurance starting at just €14.99*. Enjoy extensive coverage for medical emergencies, baggage, single journeys, cancellations, and more. Ensure your travels are protected year-round!

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Why Choose AA Single-Trip Travel Insurance*?

  • Perfect for travelers who need reliable coverage for that special annual holiday or rare overseas escape.
  • With a policy that includes everything from trip cancellations to emergency medical expenses, you can travel with peace of mind.
  • In these unprecedented times, benefit from COVID-19 cover that takes care of cancellations and medical costs due to the pandemic.
  • Take comfort in knowing that if your luggage takes a detour, you’re covered for the essentials while you wait.
  • With AA, you’re choosing more than just insurance; you’re choosing peace of mind. With over 100 years of experience and service, we’re committed to helping you make the most of your adventure.

Single-Trip Travel Insurance Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) ✨

  • Single Trip Travel Insurance covers you for one trip specifically on items like flights, hotels, cancellation cover & COVID-19 cover. If you’re carrying out specific activities like winter sports you can upgrade your cover to include additional add-ons.

  • When getting an AA Single Trip Travel Insurance quote you’ll need to enter a start & end date for your trip with it commencing & ending in Ireland. If you’re heading away backpacking why not check out AA Backpacker Travel Insurance.

  • Your coverage begins & ends on the start and finish date you select within your quote.

  • We’d recommend contacting us directly before your cover starts to see if your single trip travel insurance can be extended. Once your trip starts you would be unable to extend this cover.

  • To make a claim on your policy you can call the claims centre on 01-431 1204 from Ireland, or 00353 1431 1204 from outside Ireland.
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Hitting the slopes? We’ve got you covered 👌

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Hitting the slopes? We’ve got you covered 👌

Before you carve your way through the fresh powder this season, ensure you’re equipped with AA Winter Sports Cover alongside your Essential or Extra Travel Insurance policy. Safeguard your winter wonderland escapades today!

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