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Backpacker Travel Insurance Backpacker Travel Insurance

Backpacker Travel Insurance

Planning a gap year or just time to get away?

AA Backpacker Travel Insurance

Features And Benefits 🏝


Whether you are planning a gap year or just some time away from it all, AA Backpacker Insurance provides cover you can count on.


Our backpacker insurance is specifically tailored to cover trips up to 365 days in length and includes cover for emergency medical expenses up to €5,000,000 with 24 hour medical emergency assistance.

Emergency medical and repatriation cover up to €5,000,000

Cover up to €3,500 for any lost travel and accommodation costs if cancelling your trip is unavoidable

Lost/delayed/stolen luggage cover – up to €2,000

Missed connection cover – up to €800

Personal Accident – up to €25,000

COVID-19. Holidays without worry 👌

Travel Insurance, without the stress

COVID-19. Holidays without worry 👌

Our cover for COVID-19 gives you the piece of mind you need for a stress free return to travelling.

We’ve got you covered
  • Cancellation cover if you, a close relative or travelling companion receive a positive diagnosis for COVID-19
  • Cancellation cover if you, or any person insured by the policy, are required to self-isolate on your scheduled departure date
  • Curtailment cover if The Department of Foreign Affairs (or any other equivalent government body in another country) advises you to return home due to COVID-19
  • Related Medical Expenses if you contract COVID-19 while abroad
  • Additional accommodation if you contract COVID-19 while you are abroad and are unable to return home as planned

*Please note that cancellation claims relating to government restrictions for COVID-19 are excluded and we will not cover any claim where your travel to a country or specific area or event to which the Travel Advice Section of the Department of Foreign affairs or the World Health Organisation has advised the public not to travel to.

With us, you’ll have peace of mind 🙌

Peace of Mind

With us, you’ll have peace of mind 🙌

We’ve been trusted by our customers for over 100 years.

Enjoy your break, without the unexpected worries.

Rated ‘Great’ by our customers on our latest review. You’re in good hands.

Have a question? Get in touch with our customer service 👌

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