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Backpacker Travel Insurance Backpacker Travel Insurance

Backpacker Travel Insurance

Planning a gap year or just time to get away?

What is AA Backpacker Travel Insurance

Specialised insurance product designed for people who are planning longer-term travel, typically involving visits to multiple countries or regions, often with a focus on adventure and exploration. This type of insurance is aimed at meeting the unique needs of backpackers, who might find themselves off the beaten path and engaging in activities that regular travel insurance might not cover.

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Top Features And Benefits of AA Backpacker Travel Insurance* 🏝

  • So this plan covers you for any emergency medical expenses up to €5,000,000.
  • It also includes 24/7 medical assistance so help is available anytime you need it. Read More.
  • This cover ensure that if you have to cancel your trip for some reason out of your control, this will cover up to €3,500 for any travel or accommodation costs you lose out on.
  • It covers lost, delayed, or stolen luggage up to €2,000.
  • Missed connection coverage that can cover up to €800.
  • Policy provides personal accident coverage of up to €25,000.
  • Our coverage extends to a variety of exhilarating winter activities, including skiing and snowboarding, ensuring you can relish in the snowy thrills of the season with complete peace of mind. Read More.
  • Get coverage for cancellations, shortened trips, medical costs, and extra lodging expenses if COVID-19 affects your travel plans and you’re unable to return home on schedule. Click to read more about this protection.

Hitting the slopes? We’ve got you covered 👌

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Hitting the slopes? We’ve got you covered 👌

Before you carve your way through the fresh powder this season, ensure you’re equipped with AA Winter Sports Cover alongside your Essential or Extra Travel Insurance policy. Safeguard your winter wonderland escapades today!

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Why Choose AA for Your Backpacking Journey?

  • Dive into your travels knowing we’ve got you covered for up to a full year with options extending up to €5,000,000 for emergency medical expenses.
  • In these uncertain times, your health is our priority. Our policies are updated to include COVID-19 coverage, so you can travel with one less worry.
  • With over 100 years of service, AA is a name synonymous with reliability. Rated ‘Great’ by our customers, we’re dedicated to upholding that trust on every step of your journey.
  • Lost your bag? Missed a flight? No problem. Our support ensures that unexpected hiccups don’t derail your adventure.

Round-the-Clock GP Access with AA Backpacker Travel Insurance* 👌

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Round-the-Clock GP Access with AA Backpacker Travel Insurance* 👌

All AA Travel Insurance policies now give you access to an English speaking GP 24/7 whilst you are abroad. If you need a doctor , they are just a call away or click away…

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Backpacker Travel Insurance Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Regular insurance like Multi Trip Insurance have limits on the maximum trip duration (45 or 60 days depending on the policy). With Backpacker Travel Insurance you’re completely covered for from the start date & end date on your insurance policy.

  • It does! With AA Backpacker Travel Insurance you’ve the choice of selecting between Europe, Worldwide & Australia, New Zealand. As an example, if you selected Europe, you’d be covered in France & Germany or even Spain!

  • Backpacker Travel Insurance doesn’t cover you for activities like Winter Spots, Golf, Business & Wedding. We recommend you read your AA Travel Insurance policy booklet to fully understand you coverage for specific activities.

  • The accidental loss of, theft of or damage to baggage or valuables is covered under the AA Backpacker Travel Insurance policy.

  • To make a claim on your policy you can call the claims centre on 01- 431 1204 from Ireland, or 00353 1431 1204 from outside Ireland.

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