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AA Approved Service AA Approved Service Centre Servicing A Vehicle

Getting your car serviced

Book your AA Approved Service with the motoring experts

Getting an AA Approved Service is smart motoring…

For over 100 years we’ve been there for life’s little emergencies on the roadside. Now we’re taking it up a notch with our new AA Approved Service Centres.

  1. Helps to keep you on the road for when you need it most by fixing issues before they cause problems
  2. Keeps your vehicle & engine running smooth so there’s no hiccups along the way
  3. An official stamp on your service history book shows you cared about your vehicle & helps when you’re looking to upgrade to a newer model.

How does an AA Approved Service work?

  1. When booking your service we’ll show you a fixed price for either a full service or an interim service.  If any extra work is needed, we’ll contact you first so there are no surprises. 
  2. We’ll ask you for your Eircode so we can book you in to your nearest AA Approved Service Centre
  3. All our work is completed to the AA high standards & come with a 12 month warranty* on parts & labour.

Types of service

Full Service

This includes everything included in an interim service plus we’ll replace the necessary filters. Top up your coolant, brake fluid, and carry out a battery and diagnostic check.

Interim Service

This includes a complete check of your vehicle from instrument gauges, lights, brakes to operation levels of your transmission, handbrake, steering, suspension, and exhaust. We’ll also check your fluid levels.

Make your booking…

Booking an AA Approved Service is simple & easy. Once you’ve booked it in you can relAAx knowing yellow & black have got your back.

Book your AA Approved Service
Car Service

Looking for a new car?

Car Lights

Looking for a new car?

Why not take a look at some of our AA Approved Cars? All our cars have completed our 101 point safety check & they come with 12 months free AA Roadside Rescue!

Search our AA Approved Cars

*Our Warranty: We warrant that for a period of twelve (12) months from completion of the Vehicle Services, or for the period in which a distance of fifteen thousand (15,000) kilometres is travelled by a vehicle after completion of the Vehicle Services (whichever is the shortest), we shall correct any defect in the vehicle which is caused by our faulty workmanship or any defects in the parts supplied.

The warranty in clause will not cover defects or damage arising from:

  • (a) normal wear and tear;
  • (b) wilful damage or negligence by you, or any third party
  • (c) use otherwise than as reasonably recommended by us or the vehicle’s manufacturer;
  • (d) failure to follow our or the vehicle’s manufacturer’s reasonable instruction; or
  • (e) your continuing to use the vehicle after discovery of the defect.

Have a question? Get in touch with our customer service 👌

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