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European Breakdown Cover European Breakdown Cover

Driving in Europe

Driving in Europe

Thinking of taking the car to Europe this summer?

Driving in mainland Europe can be a little different than to what you’re used to here in the Republic of Ireland. From rules of the road, to things you’ll need to bring with you, we’ve got you covered to make sure you’ve no issues when bringing your car abroad.

Is your Car Insurance valid to drive in Europe?

Make sure your car insurance covers you to drive in Europe. You can find out this information in your insurance documents. AA customers depending on their car insurance policy can enjoy taking their car to europe with cover from 31 says to 93 days.

Is your driver’s license valid

Make sure your license is still valid before you travel while also making sure it will still be valid when you’re due to travel home. If your license is due to expire we recommend renewing your license prior to driving in case any issues crop up & you need to stay a little longer.

Do you have European Breakdown Cover?

European breakdown cover provides you with peace of mind that should anything happen to your car while driving abroad that you’ll be covered. From Andorra to Switzerland, AA cover means you get the help you need for emergency roadside repairs or towing to the nearest garage in over 40 European Countries.

Do you have an International driving permit (IDP)?

International driving permits are recognised internationally and normally allows you drive a motor vehicle without further formality. Permits cannot be issued to holders of provisional licences nor to holders of non EU/EEA licences. On your IDP application form you can specify the countries you’ll be driving in, however make sure your EU/EEA license is valid at all times while holding an IDP as this is a requirement. You can apply for your IDP here but make sure to plan ahead as it may take up to 10 working days for this to be issued.

Is there any specific requirements for each country?

Some countries may have individual laws & rules of the road. One key difference from Ireland is that in mainland Europe they drive on the right side of the road. This can be stressful in adjusting to, so take your time & reduce your speed until you’re comfortable. Some countries have introduced congestion charges for vehicles which are similar to a toll & may require a sticker to be purchased for your vehicle. We have a handy breakdown of compulsory equipment check by country.

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