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Compulsory equipment check

Car equipment requirements for different European countries

Below are those items of equipment which are compulsory or recommended when traveling within the territorial limits of AA Eurpean Breakdown Cover.

Your vehicle must display the appropriate identification letters .

External rear view mirrors should be fitted to both sides of your vehicle to allow for driving on the right.

If you are visiting Europe in the winter remember that, for many resorts and passes, the authorities insist on wheel chains and/or winter tyres.

Finally, the wearing of crash helmets by motorcyclists and their passengers is compulsory in all countries.

Breathalysers in France

From 1 July 2012, all cars in France must have a working breathalyser in it, ready to be used. Our understanding is that while there will be enforcement of this law from 1 July, fines for not having a breathalyser won’t be imposed until November 2012. However, we would recommend that you should be compliant with the law from 1 July anyway.

The type of breathalyser permitted varies; a driver may have an electronic type which is blown into and produces a reading or a disposable type which can be used once and will change colour depending on the amount of alcohol in the user’s breath. The disposable types are much cheaper (generally under €10) and suitable for tourists coming for a short time. While we don’t sell them ourselves, they can be ordered from Alco Sense on 01-4568650 @ €7.99 for a twin pack. If a driver is travelling in France after 1 July with their car, the disposable breathalyser can be purchased from any petrol station – they have been widely available in France since the start of the year.

Country First Aid Kit Fire Extinguisher Warning Triangle Spare Bulbs Headlamp Adjustment
Andorra R R C R C
Austria C R C R C
Belgium R R C R C
Bulgaria C C C R R
Croatia C R C C C
(Rep of)
Czech Rep C R C C C
Denmark R R C R C
Finland R R C R C
France* & Monaco R R C R C
Germany R R C R C
Gibraltar R R R R C
Greece C C C R R
Hungary C R C C C
Ireland(Rep of) R R R R DL
Italy and San Marino R R C R R
Luxembourg R R C R R
Macedonia C R C C C
Malta R R R R DL
Netherlands R R C R C
Norway R R C R C
Poland C C C R R
Portugal R R C R R
Romania C R C R C
Slovakia C R C C C
Slovenia R R C R R
Spain R R C C C
Sweden R R C R C
Switzerland &
Key: C = Compulsory R = Recommended by AA and/or respective country DL = Drive on the left