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Irish Fuel Prices: November 2023

Petrol Diesel
Pump price 180c 181c
Price before taxes are added 83.00c 91.79c
Breakdown of taxes x 5:
1. Excise (including carbon)* 47.68c 37.69c
2. Nora** 1.90c 1.88c
3. Carbon Tax 12.96c 14.99c
4. Better Energy 0.80c 0.80c
5. VAT (23%) 33.66c 33.85c
Total taxes (c) 97.00c 89.21c
Tax as % 54% 49%

Click here for historical Irish fuel prices (PDF)

* Excise is a duty that is added to the sale of mineral oils, cigarettes and alcohol. It is a fixed amount which is charged per litre and hence does not change as the price fluctuates. Carbon Tax is effectively the same although it is calculated per ton of CO2 generated. It works in precisely the same way as excise duty and really has nothing to do with carbon, and in fact data from Revenue normally lists Excise Duty and Carbon Tax together as one total.

** National Oil Reserves Agency (NORA) is a tax that is added to all oil fuels to ensure that Ireland meets its EU obligations of keeping a 90 day stock of oil in the event of a shortage.

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