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Tolls, tips and driving advice

Touring tips

Drinking and driving: The maximum level of alcohol in the bloodstream is 0.02 per cent. If between 0.021% and 0.05% per cent a heavy fine will be imposed and the driver’s license suspended. Over 0.05% the fine is determined by a tribunal along with the prison sentence and suspension of license.

Driving license: Minimum age at which a UK license holder may drive a temporarily imported car and / or motorcycle (over 125cc) 18. All valid Irish driving licenses should be accepted in Poland.

Fines: On-the-spot fines are imposed. An official receipt should be obtained. The Police are authorised to request foreign motorists to pay their fines in cash. Wheel clamps are in use. Illegally parked cars causing an obstruction may be towed away and impounded.

Fuel: Unleaded petrol (95 & 98 octane), diesel and LPG are available. No leaded petrol (95 octane petrol with lead replacement additive available) is available. Up to 10 litres of petrol in a can is permitted but forbidden aboard ferries. Credit cards are accepted at most filling stations; check with your card issuer for usage in Poland before travel.

Lights: Dipped headlights or daytime running lights are compulsory for all vehicles at all times. Fines are imposed for non-compliance.

Motorcycles: Dipped headlights or daytime running lights are compulsory for all vehicles at all times. The wearing of crash helmets is compulsory for both driver and passenger.

Motor Insurance: Third-party motor insurance is compulsory.

Passengers/Children in cars: Children under 12 and 1.5m in height cannot travel as front or a rear seat passenger unless using a suitable restraint system adapted to their size. If a car is equipped with front seat airbags it is prohibited to place a child in a rear facing seat.

Seat belts: It is compulsory for front / rear seat occupants to wear seat belts, if fitted.

Speed limits: Standard legal limits, which may be varied by signs, for private vehicles without trailers are: 60 km/h in built-up areas from 2300hrs to 0500hrs and 50 km/h from 0500hrs to 2300hrs, 90 km/h outside built-up areas, on express roads (2 x 1 lanes) 100 km/h or (2 x 2 lanes) 110 km/h and 130 km/h on motorways. The minimum speed on motorways is 40 km/h. Some residential zones are 20km/h.

Compulsory equipment in Poland:

• Warning triangle – compulsory for all vehicles with more than two wheels

Other rules/requirements in Poland

It is recommended that visitors equip their vehicle with a first aid kit and a set of replacement bulbs.

It is also recommended that a fire extinguisher be carried as its carriage is compulsory for Polish registered vehicles.

The use of spiked tyres is prohibited.

Snow chains may be used only on roads covered with snow.

It is prohibited to carry or / and use a radar detector.

The use of the horn is prohibited in built up areas except to avoid an accident.


This information should be read in conjunction with general advice for motoring in Europe.


Toll Prices

Road Car Car Towing Caravan/Trailer Additional Information
A2 12.00 27.00 Wrzesnia-Konin
A2 12.00 27.00 Komoraiki – Now/Tomysl
A2 12.00 27.00 Krzesiny-Wrzesia
A4 16.00 27.00 Katowice – Krakow