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Tolls, tips and driving advice

Touring tips

Drinking and driving: If the level of alcohol in the bloodstream is 0.05 per cent or more, penalties are severe. For drivers of cars with caravans or trailers the alcohol level in the bloodstream is 0%.

Driving license: The minimum age at which an Irish license holder may drive a temporarily imported car and / or motorcycle is 18.

Fines: On-the-spot fines can be imposed. Vehicles may be towed away if causing an obstruction.

Fuel: Leaded (95 octane), unleaded petrol (95 & 97 octane) and Diesel are available. LPG is available in large centres. Petrol in a can is permitted (it must be sealed in a fireproof container). Credit cards are accepted at many filling stations, check with your card issuer for usage in Turkey before travel.

Lights: Dipped headlights should be used in poor daytime visibility, and after sunset in built up areas.

Motorcycles: Wearing of crash helmets is compulsory.

Motor Insurance: Third party motor insurance is compulsory. Foreign insurance e.g. Irish car insurance is recognised in the European part of Turkey, check to ensure your policy covers Turkey.

Visiting motorists driving vehicles registered in Ireland may use a valid Green Card when driving in Turkey. The green card must cover the whole of Turkey, i.e. both the European Part and the Asian part (Anatolia).

Visiting motorists who are not in possession of a valid Green Card or who are not in possession of a valid Irish motor insurance policy (validated for the whole of Turkey) must take out short term car insurance at the border or TTOK offices.

Passengers/Children in cars: Child under 12 cannot travel as a front seat passenger.

Seat belts: It is compulsory for front and rear seat occupants to wear seat belts, where fitted.

Speed limits: Standard legal limits, which may be varied by signs, for private vehicles without trailers are; 50 km/h in built-up areas, 90 km/h outside built-up areas for cars, 70km/h for motorcycles; 120km/h for motorways cars and 80km/h for motorcycles. The minimum speed on motorways is 40 km/h. Speed limits are 10km/h less if the car has a trailer.

Compulsory equipment in Turkey

  • First aid kit – Not required for two wheeled vehicles
  • Fire extinguisher – Not required for two wheeled vehicles
  • Warning triangle – two required

Other rules/requirements in Turkey

The use of the horn is generally prohibited in towns between 2200 hours until sunrise.

The use of spiked tyres, snow chains and studded tyres are permitted but only where their use does not damage the road surface. It is recommended that winter tyres are used in snowy areas and snow chains are carried.

In the event of an accident it is compulsory for the police to be called and a report obtained.


This information should be read in conjunction with general advice for motoring in Europe

Toll Prices

Kartlı Geçiş Sistemi Kartlar (KGS) cards, which are preloaded toll-payment cards are predominantly required for highway tolls in Turkey as most toll booths have now stopped accepting cash. Only one card should be used per car and motorists should make sure to swipe their car as they enter and exit the toll booth area. KGS stations are positioned before bridges and entrances of highways. There you can reload or purchase a card before you enter the toll road. Stop in a safe place by the building on the right of the toll booths and purchase or reload your KGS toll card.

When entering a toll road, look for the lane marked KGS and scan your card to pay the toll. It is important to have sufficient credit on your card or you may be fined 11 times the longest distance of the road you are using.

A sample list of road tolls:

Road Car Car Towing Caravan/Trailer Additional Information
O21 (E90) 3.50 7.75 Pozanti – Tarus
O3 (E80) 8.50 15.25 Edirne – Istanbul
O31 (E87) 3.50 6.50 Izmir – Aydin
O32 (E881) 2.25 5.00 Izmir – Cesme
O4 (E80/E89) 17.00 30.50 Istanbul – Ankara
O52 (E90) 10.50 20.50 Adana – Sanliurfa
O53 (E91) 3.50 7.00 Ceyhan – Iskenderun

A sample list of bridge tolls:

Bridges and Tunnels Car Car Towing Caravan/Trailer Additional Information
Bosphorus and Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge 3.75 23.50 Istanbul