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Early Nights & Warning Lights Early Nights & Warning Lights

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Early Nights & Warning Lights

Published 15th November 2022Read Time 4 min

It’s that time of year, folks. Halloween is barely over, and everywhere you look, Christmas is fully in your face. And while you’re seeing lights go up everywhere in all the shops, here at AA HQ, there’s another type of light we start noticing more: warning lights on the car.

As the days get shorter and more of us are making longer car journeys, it’s also the time of year when you don’t want to have much issue with your car or van when out on the roads. That’s why we thought it would be a good idea to highlight some of the obvious things to improve your driver around wintertime that we should all think of doing but most of us overlook.

Thankfully, none of the below involves being a car expert (that’s our remit, after all) but have a quick read-through as you’ll pick up on an idea or two to follow, as we wanted to showcase some of the guides for drivers that help with winter driving.

The bright lights (and knowing when to use them)

If you’re not the most confident driver, going out at night in those darker evenings can be a little more daunting. We’ve all been when oncoming drivers are flashing lights at us, completely oblivious that we have full beams on. The symbols on the dash can also be more confusing when driving between high and low-lit areas in the dark. To avoid those mistakes and embarrassment, learn how to use your car lights correctly.

You’ll be a fog light aficionado before you know it!

If you’re wrapping up, your car needs checked on too

Are you the kind of driver who has to sit there for a few minutes before taking off in the morning because you want the car to warm up? With the weather effectively being four seasons in a day, it helps to have some wherewithal on what to check around the car, so you’re safe for every journey.

We have a guide highlighting 12 Vital Checks To Get Your Car Winter Ready; after all, things are always easier by the dozen. It includes the likes of tyre pressure, antifreeze and all those little steps that can help avoid breakdowns.

Driving a van all day long?

This time of year is also a flurry of activity for van drivers. If you’re a van driver, or you know someone who is and would be putting in longer shifts on the shorter day, please read our blog post on Making Sure Your Van Is Winter Ready.

Knowing what to do if you break down on these darker evenings

Even with knowing what lights to use and following advice on getting your car ready, everyone is still exposed to the chance that you might have a problem and see yourself on the side of the road waiting for help.

If you’re keen to be secure over winter, you might want to think about AA Roadside Assistance. We provide nationwide cover 24 hours a day and help customers get back on their way without issue.

And for anyone keen to have their car working its best, you’ll want to look at some of our other recent posts on driving & road safety. And be sure to keep up to date with our road advice on Twitter.