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EV Winter Care Tips EV Winter Care Tips

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EV Winter Care Tips

Published 20th November 2023Read Time 3 min

Colder mornings before the daily commute used to see us having to say hello to neighbours while defrosting the car in our pyjamas. In recent years though, it may be the case that you’re out to double-check check your EV is fully charged, rather than rushing with de-icer or a kettle (you should never use a kettle with hot water to de-ice!).

While EV cars are generally easier to maintain, it doesn’t mean they don’t need a little attention to allow for responsible driving in the winter months. In today’s blog post, let’s look at some EV winter care tips you can follow to make driving EVs a little safer at this time of year.

Check how your car defrosts

Many EVs now have a companion app that helps you control defrosting without having to step outside. If your car has features like this, read through the car manual to check if power consumption is mentioned – it’s a good idea to check in the rare chance that you’re driving and forgot to charge your EV overnight.

If your EV doesn’t, or you might have mornings where you’re using a traditional car, look online for portable defrosters.

Know your range will drop

When you’re in a traditional car, turning on the ignition ignites the pump to burn fuel. This is obvious, so why are we mentioning it? When you’re in an EV, the same doesn’t happen, as your battery is running from a colder ambient temperature. When batteries are colder, they’re less effective; which can cause your range to be a good degree shorter.

Thankfully, because we have milder winters in Ireland, the range shouldn’t drop by double digits, as it can in colder countries.

Know charging may take longer

Colder batteries also find it slightly harder to take charge. If you have your car plugged in at home overnight, it shouldn’t be an issue, but if you’re driving in colder weather than usual, you might find that charge from a public charge point takes longer than expected.

Double-check what options your car has hiding in plain sight

Touch screens in the EV can have so many options on the primary menu that you don’t know where to start. You might be familiar with something like an eco-mode, but see if your EV has colder weather options. These will usually see the car take notice of power consumption and even adjust braking if it knows driving conditions may be wetter or slippery.

Getting acquainted with EV care?

The AA can help. We’re helping drivers across Ireland get a better deal on EV insurance, with EV wall charger cover included.