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Home Insurance: Which county spends the most on Contents? Home Insurance: Which county spends the most on Contents?

AA Home Insurance

Home Insurance: Which county spends the most on Contents?

Published 7th November 2016Read Time 5 min

Homes in Wicklow, Meath and Dublin have the highest value contents in the State, according to an AA Home Insurance analysis of the value of contents insured.

Homeowners in Co. Wicklow insure their contents for an average of €47,960.69, up from the 2015 average of €46,865.13 for Wicklow homeowners. While the top five counties by average contents insured remained unchanged from 2015, there was a slight dip in the average value of contents insured by homeowners in Meath and Dublin.

The average value for Meath fell by over €1000, from €46,298.52 in 2015 to €45,246.85 as of September 2016. Meanwhile, homeowners in Dublin now insure their contents for an average of €44,865.73, down slightly from the 2015 average of €44,996.14.

Commenting on the findings, AA Consumer Affairs Director Conor Faughnan stated β€œIt is important to make sure that you have your contents valued correctly for insurance. People often think the figure is high, but if you are unlucky enough to have a fire or a total loss you would be amazed how much value you have built up over the years and what it would cost to replace it all.”

At the other end of the scale, homeowners in Co. Mayo had the lowest average value for contents insured at €36599.21 according to the AA Home Insurance analysis.

The AA advises householders to think carefully about the value they choose as both over and under-insuring your belongings can be a mistake. If you pick an amount that is too high then you will pay too much in your premium even though an insurance company will only pay you for the value of what you have lost. Insure for too little and an insurance company will reduce the payout proportionately even for a smaller claim.

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County-by-County Average Contents Insured Breakdown

County 2016 Average Contents Insured 2015 Average Contents Insured YOY Change 2016 vs 2015
Carlow €39,734.31 €40,304.71 -1.42%
Cavan €38,232.80 €38,890.81 -1.69%
Clare €38,929.79 €39,337.00 -1.04%
Cork €41,413.59 €41,774.30 -0.86%
Donegal €38,169.74 €37,677.19 +1.31%
Dublin €44,734.93 €44,996.14 -0.58%
Galway €38,730.46 €37,930.24 +2.11%
Kerry €39,419.85 €39,572.67 -0.39%
Kildare €44,696.98 €44,643.49 +0.12%
Kilkenny €42,879.72 €44,457.33 -3.55%
Laois €39,234.35 €39,372.48 -0.35%
Leitrim €37,034.49 €35,261.24 +5.03%
Limerick €40,158.13 €40,278.39 -0.30%
Longford €39,535.67 €40,460.60 -2.29%
Louth €40,918.06 €41,357.55 -1.06%
Mayo €36,599.21 €37,062.35 -1.25%
Meath €45,263.93 €46,298.52 -2.23%
Monaghan €39,102.28 €41,049.46 -4.74%
Offaly €40,465.80 €38,498.99 +5.11%
Rosscommon €37,602.14 €38,114.29 -1.34%
Sligo €39,956.01 €40,740.79 -1.93%
Tipperary €41,102.82 €41,215.39 -0.27%
Waterford €41,712.64 €41,070.85 +1.56%
WestMeath €38,164.12 €39,098.26 -2.39%
Wexford €41,288.42 €41,343.49 -0.13%
Wicklow €47,554.00 €46,865.13 +1.47%

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