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The MG4


New Car Review: MG4

Published 20th October 2022Read Time 14 min

Good Stuff 👍

Incredible value, charging, looks

Bad Stuff 👎

Demand will massively outstrip supply

What is the MG4?

Incredible value all-electric hatchback

MG is well known in Ireland for small sports cars. After a turbulent few decades, the brand is now owned by Chinese manufacturing giant SAIC motors. They produce EVs under various brand names, and have rebadged some older versions for the Irish market of late. However, they are now refreshing their EVs. The MG5 and MG ZS EV proved a big hit with Irish buyers, and now with refreshed versions are carving out a waiting list that stretches to nearly a year.

What makes the MG4 different?

The MG4 was developed on a dedicated EV platform called the Modular Scalable Platform. It allows the engineers to ditch a lot of the traditional componentry of a combustion car and make more space on the inside. With more than 200hp and a WLTP range up to 450km, the MG4 could very well cause a big stir in the Irish market.

What does the MG4 look like?

Fresh and exciting!

The MG4 is a hatchback with angular and aggressive styling. The Volcano Orange is a truly eye-catching colour. With a split rear spoiler coming off the roofline, the MG4 stands out from the crowd.

17” alloys come as standard, but are actually covered for increased efficiency. The two-tone aero hub caps are gloss black and grey, and fill out the wheel arches nicely. There is also a variation in the colour scheme, with gloss black materials making up the side mirrors, roof and around the windows.

What colours are available on the MG4?

There are a total of six colours available on the MG4. If you elect for the lower Excite spec then you choose from black, blue, grey, red or white. But those that opt for the Exclusive spec have the option of choosing the Volcano Orange, which is a very eye-catching.

What is the inside of the MG4 like?

Quality that belies the price tag

Inside, MG have really upped their game with the MG4. The materials are not luxurious, and you can sense that this is not a premium level car. However, when you think about the price tag, you start to become very impressed.

A flat bottomed steering wheel has a smattering of buttons to control things like the audio system, voice control and adaptive cruise control. There is a floating centre console jutting out from the main dash that houses the gear selector, parking brake and wireless charging pad. In hard cornering we did find that our phone slipped off the wireless pad, but admittedly this was probably due to a very chunky protective casing on the phone. Having no transmission tunnel, there is a lot of storage space between the front seats.

What tech features does the MG4 have?

You get two screens in the MG4. A 7” driver’s display gives information such as speed, navigation, battery percentage, and driving mode. The 10.25” infotainment screen is split into equal sections on navigation, audio, weather, battery and more. Of course you can toggle through these and go deeper into the menu.

Is there good space in the MG4?

Roomy hatchback with a decent boot

The MG4 has a very usable 363 litres of space in the boot. The boot is also modular, which means that you can change the floor level of the boot. There is a shelf that you can move up and down. So you can have a bigger boot, or you can raise the floor level and have a flat entry and exit. If you fold the back seats down, space increases to 1,177 litres.

There is plenty of space for adults in the MG4. In testing, Blake set the driver’s seat for a comfortable position for himself. At 6 foot 2 inches, he was still able to sit in the seat behind. There was also enough head room. Another adult might find the central back seat a little cosy, but would be fine for short journeys. Baby seats would not be an issue, and the MG4 has two Isofix positions.


“With more than 200hp and a WLTP range up to 450km, the MG4 could very well cause a big stir in the Irish market.”
Blake Boland

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Which MG4 should I buy?

Firstly lets look at the options

MG4 Standard Range – Excite

If you opt for the Standard Range 51kWh battery then you only get the excite spec level. Although not fully loaded, it still offers an impressive level of equipment as standard. Range drops to a real-world 300km, but that is still enough for the vast majority of driving in Ireland. If you are looking to get into a new EV at a cheap price then this option is definitely for you.

MG4 Long Range – Excite

If you feel like you need the extra bit of range, but still want to save money, then this is the option for you. You miss out on a few features, but if that doesn’t bother you then save the money and still get all the range. A real-world range figure of 370km gives a nice buffer to those starting off their electric journey.

MG4 Long Range Exclusive

For those that are willing to stretch the budget into the mid €30,000 bracket, then this is the MG4 for you. All of the creature comforts and tech is included. Opt for the Volcano Orange colour and you have a stand-out hatchback.

Is the MG4 safe?

All the safety features expected

At the time of writing we’re still waiting on crash test results from Euro NCAP. But the MG4 has a whole raft of safety features thanks to the advance MG Pilot system. The MG4 is equipped with numerous cameras and sensors around the car. Other features include ABS and EBD, front seatbelt pretensioner and limiter, and multiple airbags including side curtain.

Verdict 👀

The MG4 looks set to take multiple international markets by storm. It is hard to find another fully electric vehicle that gives you so much spec for such little money. Equipment is front loaded as standard, so you won’t find yourself creeping through any options lists.

Range is superb for the money you spend, even if you elect for the standard range battery. The larger motor gives you just over 200hp, and a 0-100kmh time of less than 8 seconds comes with the whole range.

You’ll be hard fought to find a better-value EV in Ireland. For those that don’t insist on the SUV format, or those that don’t need masses of space, then this could well be the EV of choice. There will be EVs with more range, or more luxury, or more space, but you’ll find that they will be a lot more expensive.

Spec Check ⚙️



Fully electric


150kW, 204PS




7.7s, 7.9 seconds


Standard Range – 350km, Long Range – 450km WLTP

Top Speed



Single Speed



Annual Motor Tax


Luggage Capacity

363 litres, 1,177 seats folded down

Price as tested

From €27,500 incl. grants.

For more information, visit MG Motor Ireland