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Used Car imports boost in November Used Car imports boost in November

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Used Car imports boost in November

Published 8th December 2023Read Time 2 min

Are Used Car Imports increasing in Ireland?

Imported Used Cars saw a massive increase in November 2023. They were up 47.1% (4,847) when compared to November 2022 (3,295). This is a huge rise in numbers being imported, and it would be hard to put it down to the effects of Covid. But it does look like it could be an anomaly as overall imports for the year are not up by close to that much.

Year to date imports are up 7.4% (47,308) on 2022 (44,047). If you compare this year’s figures to 2019, the last real year pre-covid then sales are still well down. They’re at 4,847 for the year…  that’s a 51.6% drop.

So overall, the post-Brexit trend of lower used car imports seem to be still there. But it is easing a little as we’re seeing numbers up this year-to-date. With new car sales up 15% so far this year, it seems that people are splashing out. But we reckon that’s not by choice necessarily. With imports harder to come by, prices go up. That’s great if you’re trading in of course. But it means that the gap between new and used is a little smaller.

What is the best way to buy a used car?

Although it would be nice buy a new car, it’s the used market that most people dip into. Buying an AA Approved Car help give you peace of mind. Each car goes through a 101-point check at the point of sale. And you get 1 year’s free Breakdown Rescue as part of the sale. There are nearly 300 Approved Dealers around the country. We have more than 4,000 cars up online. Just click on the link in the description to find out more about the benefits of buying AA Approved.