VIDEO: What You Need To Know About Driving Lesson Delays – AA Ireland

Without doubt, learning to drive has been severely impacted by the pandemic. Since lessons and tests were stopped entirely for about half a year during the Level 5 restrictions, it caused a huge backlog and long delays for those waiting to get their license.

Personally, I found it very difficult during the pandemic to practice my driving, to book lessons and of course, I struggled to prepare for my driving test. Since I am not the only one that has been affected, I decided to meet with Kevin Horgan, who is the Director of Training at Ladybird Driving School.

We discussed the long waiting lists, what is being done to help the backlog and what Covid-19 measures are in place during lessons and the driving test. I also asked Kevin if he had any advice for someone who doesn’t know where to begin.

I hope the video above will ease any concerns, or answer any questions, you might have.

This article is part of an AA Ireland series on learning to drive. You can also find all our road safety guides hereincluding advice on driving in all weathers, parking laws, and what to do if you encounter animals or other road hazards. For a great deal on AA car insurance online, click here.