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Dublin Summary Report

Last Updated: 02/07/2015 06:18


Traffic lights are out of action on the Navan Rd at Cabra Cross. Caution is advised in the area.

Traffic is moving reasonably well in Dublin City Centre.

There are no major problems for traffic on the M50.


The Skerries Motorcycle Road Races (Skerries 100) will take place from today until Saturday (4th). Today, from 7:45pm, the "Classic Run" will be staged around the town of Skerries and the town will be a one-way system to facilitate this. Practice races will take place on Friday with road closures in place from 2pm until 9:30pm with the main Lusk/ Skerries Rd (R127) closed during these times. The actual Road Races taking place on Saturday with road closures in place from 9am until 6:30pm. Access to Skerries will be via Rush with diversions in place in Lusk.  Motorists can also access Skerries via Balbriggan using the M1.  Local access will be maintained at all times. Gardai advise attendees to use official car parks only.

Mamma Mia takes place at Bord Gais Energy Theatre for the last time tonight. The show starts at 7:30pm. Bord Gáis Energy Theatre is located on Cardiff Lane in the city. Delays can be expected on Macken St as a result.


Dominick Place will close from its jct with Dominick St Lwr to Granby Lane until midnight on Thurs 1st Oct. Pedestrian and local access will be maintained. This road closure is to facilitate Luas Cross City works.

Grove Avenue in Blackrock will be closed for works from Grove Lawn to Avoca Ave jct until Fri 24th July. A traffic management plan will be in place and local access will be maintained.

Clonshaugh Rd will be closed from Baskin Lane to Clarehall Rd (R139) until Friday (3rd). Diversions will be in place via Baskin Lane to Malahide Rd (R107) before rejoining the Clarehall Rd (R139) at Northern Cross to facilitate works.

Hollybrook Rd and Hollybrook Park will close for works between the jcts of the Clontarf Rd and Howth Rd until midnight on Sun 19th July. Diversions will be in place via St. Lawrence Rd. Pedestrian and local access will be maintained.

White's Lane North and Royal Canal Bank will close until Sunday (5th) to facilitate works. Pedestrian and local access will be maintained.

Eaton Way in Rathcoole will be closed until Mon 12th Oct between Main St and Eaton Terrace. Diversions will be signposted.

Wicklow St is closed from Clarendon St jct to Grafton St jct until midnight Sun 6th Sept for works. Diversions are in place.

Abercorn Rd is closed from Church St East to Sheriff St Upr until midnight Fri 17th July to facilitate works. Traffic on East Rd wishing to travel on Church St East & Abercorn Rd to Sheriff St Upr will be diverted via East Rd. Traffic on Sheriff St Upper wishing to travel on Abercorn Rd to Church St East will be diverted via East Road. Pedestrian and local access will be maintained.

A stop/go system is in place for works on the Shanganagh Rd/ Commons Rd jct until the end of July. Expect some delays.

Church Rd is closed between East Rd and Killan Rd for works until Sun 11th Oct to facilitate works. Diversions are in place.

New Wapping St is closed from Sherriff St Upr to Mayor St Upr until midnight on Fri 17th July because of works.

Johnson's Court is closed from Grafton St to Clarendon St between 6pm and 9am each night until Fri 14th Aug to facilitate works. It will also be closed each Sunday from 9am to 6pm until Sun 9th Aug.


The right turn from Westmoreland St to Fleet St is closed due to Luas Cross City Works until Sunday (5th).

There will be lane restrictions in place on College Green until later this year and this work is expected to cause considerable and unavoidable disruption to this part of the city centre. As a result, motorists are advised to avoid the area. Bear in mind that the College Green Bus Gate remains in place from Monday to Friday, 7am to 10am and from 4pm to 7pm.

Suffolk St is closed until Tues 1st Sept. Traffic on Dawson St wishing to travel on Nassau St to access Suffolk St and Grafton St will be diverted via Nassau St, Leinster St South, Lincoln Place, Westland Row, Pearse St, College St, College Green, Trinity St and St Andrew St. The Bus Gate on Nassau St, from Dawson St to Suffolk St, is also closed during this period.

There is no left turn from Dawson St to Nassau St until early 2017. This ban affects Public Service vehicles, motorcycles, bicycles and goods vehicles. Bear in mind that buses will no longer use Suffolk St and as a result, the following Dublin Bus routes are affected: 7b/d, 11, 25x, 32x, 37, 38a/b, 39/a, 41x, 46a, 66x, 67x, 84x, 116, 118, 145. This diversion affects these routes in the inbound direction only. Route 25/a/b will be re-routed from Merrion Sq. via Merrion Sq., North, Clare St., Lincoln Place, Westland Row, & Pearse St in the outbound direction. Inbound remains unchanged. A double bus lane on Pearse St has also been introduced. A contra-flow bus lane will be introduced on Camden St at the Bleeding Horse due to these works with the following Dublin Bus routes affected inbound and outbound as a result: 14, 15a/b, 140, 142.

Dawson St is reduced to one lane from St Stephen’s Green to South Anne St, while works take place at various locations along the road. Dawson St will remain open to traffic and car parks in the area will be accessible, however those using the route as a through way should consider the new right turn on Merrion Row to avoid delays. A 24 hour tow truck will be in operation to ensure traffic movement. Visit the Luas Cross City website for full details.

Works are also ongoing at Kildare St/ St. Stephen’s Green North, Harcourt St / St. Stephen’s Green South, Lincoln Place / Leinster St South, Leinster St South / Clare St / Merrion Square. These works are expected to continue until the end of 2016. Additional bus lanes will be introduced on Pearse St as part of the ongoing works. A contra-flow bus lane will be introduced on the section of Camden St Upper between its jcts with Harcourt Rd and Charlotte Way while works continue.


The right lane on the M50 northbound will be closed between J9 Red Cow to J7 Lucan from 10pm until 6am the following morning.

The on ramp of the M50 southbound at J10 Ballymount will be closed from 10pm until 6am Fri 3rd July.

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