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Membership Terms and Conditions

1. All Personal members must pay the appropriate subscription on the due date and are bound by the AA’s rules. Once you have joined the AA, cover begins 24 hours after joining.

2. The AA rescue assistance service, which includes all the services detailed in these terms and conditions, are available to you when you are stranded as a result of the vehicle in which you are travelling suffering a breakdown or accident in the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland or Great Britain. AA membership does not provide cover for non-essential repairs such as replacing interior light bulbs or inconvenient faults such as a faulty radio. Nor must AA membership services be used in place of regular servicing.

3. The AA rescue assistance service is available to members when they are travelling in or on one of the following motor vehicles; cars, vans, minibuses, motorcycles – all of which are subject to a maximum weight limit of 3,500kg (3.5 tonnes) gross vehicle weight. Assistance is also be given in relation to any caravan or trailer being towed at the time of the breakdown or accident, provided the gross weight of the caravan or trailer does not exceed 3,500kg. There are additional length and width restrictions which apply to all levels of service provided – see paragraph 19 under Rescue Plus heading.

4. Always carry your membership card – it is your key to AA service. AA Personal Membership means that you are the member, not the car; this means you are covered in any car you drive or are a passenger in. You will need to quote your membership number when you phone the AA for assistance. When the patrol or agent arrives to help they will ask you to show your membership card. If you cannot produce a valid card the AA reserves the right to refuse service. You may, at the AA’s discretion, be asked to complete and sign an indemnity for the cost of any service provided. Alternatively you may, again at the AA’s discretion, be asked to pay a membership subscription (which may include an additional contribution) at the time service is given. You will be able to reclaim the amount paid from the AA if you can later prove that you were entitled to the service at the relevant time.

The AA reserves the right to refuse vehicle assistance unless you are present at the scene of the breakdown or accident where the vehicle is located.

6. The AA reserves the right to refuse service where it has been requested to deal with the same or similar fault or cause of breakdown to the same vehicle within the preceding 28 days. It is your responsibility to ensure that emergency repairs carried out by the AA are, where appropriate, followed as soon as possible by a permanent repair.

7. The AA may, at its sole discretion, suspend or expel a member or restrict in whole or in part the services and benefits to which he or she is entitled, or impose conditions under which such services will be made available. Action may be taken in the following circumstances:

  • Excessive use (See Fair Play Policy – section 34)
  • If a member behaves in a threatening or abusive manner towards AA staff or agents.
  • If a member has falsely represented that they are entitled to services that they are not entitled to.
  • If a member has assisted another person in accessing AA services to which they are not entitled.
  • If a member’s request for service is deemed by the AA to be unreasonable or impracticable.

8.1 Service from AA patrols is subject to availability and may be supplemented by AA appointed agents.

8.2 AA patrols are not in a position, and should not be expected, to comment on the general safety or roadworthiness of a vehicle after a breakdown or accident or an emergency repair. In addition, completion of an emergency repair cannot be taken to signify or in any way guarantee the general roadworthiness of the vehicle concerned. However, the AA reserves the right to refuse service where, in the opinion of the patrol or garage agent, the vehicle concerned was, immediately before the breakdown or accident, dangerous or unroadworthy, or where the giving of service would involve or give rise to any potential breach of the law (including but not restricted to any breach of road traffic regulations or health and safety provisions).

9.1 Normally, an agent appointed by the AA will charge the AA direct for any service it has provided on the AA’s behalf. However, if repairs cannot be carried out either by a patrol or AA appointed agent on the highway or (provided Home Start Assistance is available to you) at your home address and the vehicle has to be recovered to a garage, you must meet any subsequent repair costs.

9.2 It is important that you contact the AA if you require assistance – if you first contact a garage, whether an AA appointed agent or not, you will have to settle their bill and the AA will be under no obligation to reimburse you. Furthermore, in these circumstances, you cannot avail of membership entitlements including Rescue Plus.

9.3 The AA will only accept responsibility for the actions of an agent where the agent is acting on the AA’s instructions and is providing assistance to which you are entitled under AA membership.

10. AA service does not include the following:

  • Routine maintenance and running repairs, such as radios, interior light bulbs, heated rear windows.
  • The cost of spare parts, petrol, oil, keys or other materials and garage or other labour required to repair your vehicle.
  • Any costs or charges connected with the drainage or other removal of fuel, lubricants or other fluids where this is required as a result of the introduction of any inappropriate fuel, lubricants or other fluids to a vehicle.
  • If the AA considers that a locksmith, bodyglass, tyre or other specialist is needed, it will endeavour to arrange this on your behalf, but will not pay for their services.
  • Any additional charges resulting from your failure to carry a legal and serviceable spare wheel(s) or tyre(s). The AA will endeavour to arrange assistance from a third party on your behalf, but will not pay for the cost of their call-out or any repair.
  • Where you have been refused service as a result of your vehicle being deemed dangerous or unroadworthy, the AA will seek to arrange but will not pay to have it removed to a repairer.
  • Having your vehicle stored or guarded in your absence.
  • The initial recovery of a breakdown or accident-damaged vehicle when it has left the highway, is in a ditch, sunk in soft ground, sand or shingle, or when it is stuck in snow or flood water or by the removal of its wheels. We will endeavour to arrange, but will not pay for, any specialised lifting or towing assistance needed to recover the vehicle. Once the vehicle is back on the highway, normal AA service will be provided under your membership entitlement.
  • Your vehicle when it is on private property, for example garage premises. The AA will be entitled to refuse service unless you can establish to its satisfaction that you have the permission of the relevant owner or occupier.
  • Any personal transportation costs except such as may be covered by Rescue Plus.
  • The recovery of a vehicle immobilised by means of a wheel clamp or similar device.
  • Requests for assistance for vehicles in the UK unless that vehicle was taken to the UK by the member requesting service. You may be requested to provide evidence that your vehicle was taken to the UK by you e.g. ferry tickets.

11. Failure to enforce or non-reliance upon any of these terms and conditions by the AA on a particular occasion or occasions will not prevent the AA from subsequently relying on or enforcing them.

The AA will not give a refund (in whole or in part) of any payment made in the event that, during the period of cover, any cancellation or alteration of cover is requested.

The AA reserves the right to make changes to these Terms and Conditions, on the giving of reasonable notice.

While the AA seeks to meet the service needs of members at all times, its resources are not infinite and this may not always be possible. The AA shall not be liable for service failures where the AA is faced with circumstances outside its reasonable control, such as Acts of God, outbreak of hostilities, riot, civil war, acts of terrorism, acts of government authority, fire, subsidence, explosion, flood, snow, fog or other bad weather conditions, vehicle, equipment or systems failures, failure of telecommunications lines or systems, default of suppliers or subcontractors, theft, malicious damage, strike, lockout or industrial action of any kind.

The AA shall not, in any event, and to the extent permitted by law, have any responsibility for any increased costs or expenses, loss of profit, business, contracts, revenue, anticipated savings or any special, direct or indirect or consequential or economic losses incurred as a result of or in connection with the provision or non-provision of any service howsoever arising whether in contract or tort..

Roadside Rescue

12.1 Roadside Rescue is available to you if you are stranded on the highway, at least 500 metres (550 yards) from your home, following breakdown or accident. It is available 24 hours after the subscription has been paid.

12.2 If a patrol or appointed agent cannot fix your vehicle within a reasonable time, it will be taken to the AA’s choice of the nearest AA approved garage, franchised dealer or other appropriate local repairer, or alternatively to a destination of your choice provided it is no further. It is then your responsibility to instruct the repairer to make any repairs required. Any contract for repair will be between you and the repairer and it is your responsibility to pay them. In no circumstances shall The AA be deemed to be acting as agent or otherwise on behalf of either the member or the Repairer.

12.3 Roadside Rescue does not cover any additional transport or other costs that you might incur, whether as a result of your vehicle being towed or otherwise.

Home Start

13. This optional extra to Roadside Rescue is available if you have paid the additional Home Start subscription in advance of the breakdown. Home Start becomes available 24 hours after the Home Start subscription has been paid.

14. It provides assistance at or very near your home address.

15. If you also subscribe to Rescue Plus, you are not be entitled to use its benefits when the incident is at or very near your home address. When a repair cannot be made at the home address, the AA will arrange for the removal of the vehicle to the nearest AA appointed garage or another destination of your choice at no greater distance, at the AA’s expense.

16. Service is provided only if the vehicle was in a roadworthy condition prior to the incident.

17. 1AA patrols do not carry out major servicing repairs or re-assembly. In such cases, they will arrange removal to a garage in accordance with paragraph 16 above.

Rescue Plus

18. Rescue Plus is an optional addition to Roadside Rescue, available when you have paid the additional Rescue Plus subscription at least 48 hours before the start of your journey. No claims for Rescue Plus benefits will be accepted when the breakdown / accident / act of vandalism, the subject matter of the claim shall have occurred prior to the member paying the Rescue Plus subscription. Rescue Plus is not available at your home address if you also have Home Start cover (see section 15).

19. Size and weight restrictions for Rescue Plus are as follows:

  • Vehicles including vans, caravans and trailers up to 3,500kg (3,5 tonnes) gross vehicle weight (GVW)
  • Overall width up to 2.3 metres (7ft 6in)
  • Overall length (motorised vehicles) up to 5.5 metres (18feet)
  • Overall length (non-motorised caravans and trailers) up to 7.6 metres.All of the above are subject to assessment of the vehicle at the roadside.

20. Rescue Plus is available to you when the AA cannot arrange a local repair within a reasonable time after a roadside breakdown, accident or act of vandalism and entitles you to (the following are subject to availability):

  • A replacement hired car for up to 48 hours  Or
  • Overnight accommodation including breakfast for driver and passengers up to a maximum of five people  Or
  • A refund of reasonable public transport costs incurred up to a maximum of €200 per vehicle

Plus the unaccompanied recovery of your vehicle to your destination in Ireland. The options above are mutually exclusive and will not generally be provided when your vehicle can be repaired locally on the same day. You must choose which service is required at the time of the Rescue Plus service being actioned.

Replacement Car

21. This replacement car is provided to enable you complete your journey and therefore you can only avail of this option on the day of the breakdown and not at a later date. The AA will arrange for, or provide transport to, a replacement car. The choice of supplier of the replacement car is at the discretion of the AA.

Members will be entitled to a car of similar model to their own up to that of the approved suppliers’ Group C (i.e. 1600cc) subject to availability. When available, you can choose a car in a higher category subject to the payment of the appropriate additional fee to the supplier. The AA will pay direct to the approved supplier for the use of the car, unlimited mileage, and VAT and insurance for a period of 48 hours. You are responsible for the payment to the supplier for any car hire charges or other ancillary expenses for a period in excess of 48 hours. You are also responsible for the payment of all petrol used during the replacement period and a deposit will be required at the time of the commencement of the hire period. It is your responsibility to return the car to a suitable hire company depot within the Republic of Ireland. The AA cannot guarantee the provision of any non-standard equipment on cars, e.g. tow bar, automatic transmission etc. A hire car cannot be provided where the requirements of the car hire company cannot be met by you. The availability of a driving licence and the age of the driver can restrict the AA’s ability to procure a hire car. Similarly, if your need for a hire car is as a result of an accident it may not be possible to obtain a hire car. If for any reason a hire car is not available the option of overnight accommodation or public transport costs will be offered.

Overnight Accommodation

22. The AA will arrange and provide transport to a local hotel or guesthouse. The choice of accommodation is at the discretion of the AA. The AA will pay direct to the hotel / guesthouse, for one night’s accommodation and breakfast for the driver and passengers in the car, up to a maximum of five people. You are responsible for paying for all meals consumed (other than breakfast), drinks and other incidental expenses (e.g. telephone calls, newspapers) incurred. Payment for these must be made direct to the hotel or guesthouse before leaving. You are responsible for the costs of all onward travel.

Public Transport Costs

23. The AA will refund to you the cost of all reasonable public transport costs incurred in order to complete your journey, up to a maximum of €200 on a pay and claim basis. It is your responsibility to retain proof of purchase, e.g. duplicate rail tickets as provided by Iarnród Éireann. A claim for refund should be made within a period of 28 days. The claim should be submitted in writing to AA Rescue Plus Accounts, 56 Drury Street, Freepost, Dublin 2.

Unaccompanied Recovery of your Vehicle

24. The AA will arrange the recovery of your vehicle to your destination within Ireland. However, such service will not normally be provided immediately, although every effort will be made to recover your vehicle as soon as possible.

25. The following vehicles are eligible for Rescue Plus: cars, motor cycles, trailers, goods vehicles, private motorised caravans and ambulances not exceeding the limits in paragraph 19.

26. The AA will not recover vehicles (including caravans / trailers) which exceed all or any of the dimensions given in paragraph 19.

27. Rescue Plus is not available to motor dealers, delivery companies etc., to transport immobilised vehicles as part of a commercial activity, or to transport vehicles used for racing, rallying or other motor sport activity.

28. The AA will NOT provide Rescue Plus when:

  • The AA is able to arrange a repair by a patrol or garage on the same day as the breakdown occurred.
  • Prompt repair is prevented by failure to carry a serviceable spare wheel when the vehicle is at or near your home address (home address is defined as the normal place of residence or the place where the vehicle is normally parked. For Company Members and hire cars, the home address is defined as that of the driver.)

29. The AA will help in arranging but will NOT pay for:

  • The recovery of any vehicle which would be dangerous or illegal for AA staff or agents to load and / or transport.
  • Ferry costs.

NOTE: Service will not be provided in the UK if the member is travelling to the UK to repatriate a vehicle.

Additional Membership

30. Additional Membership gives the full benefits of your AA Membership to 3 members of your family. These may include one other adult and/or your dependents under 25 years of age who all live in the same household as you, the member. Any benefits added to the membership are enjoyed by both the Main member and their Additional Member(s). Equally, termination, suspension, imposition of restrictions etc. brought upon any main member will automatically have the same effect upon their Additional Members(s).

AA Membership Payment Options

31. Monthly Payment Plan

The AA Membership Monthly Payment Plan allows you to enjoy all the benefits of being a member of the AA while spreading the cost of Membership over 12 months by direct debit.

  • Monthly Payment Membership is based on a minimum of 12 consecutive monthly Direct Debit payments; if your Direct Debit is cancelled, you must pay the balance of the outstanding month(s) in that membership year.
  • A €10 annual administration fee applies to Monthly Payment Memberships every year at renewal.
  • At the outset, you will be given a Schedule of Payments before your first payment is collected, showing the amount of each payment and the dates your bank account will be debited. The first payment will be taken approximately one month from Membership Start/Renewal date.
  • If you renew after your “Expiry Date”, you will be required to pay your previous months instalment(s) due with your first payment.
  • Non-payment of one monthly payment will result in the outstanding balance becoming payable. If this outstanding balance still remains unpaid by the date of second consecutive payment or future payments, your membership will cease, the outstanding balance for that membership year will be due and we will inform you of this in writing.
  • Without affecting your general rights of cancellation of the Direct Debit Mandate, if the membership is cancelled or benefits (such as Home Start, Rescue Plus or Additional Members) are added/removed during the contract, any refund or additional charge should be taken care of separate to the monthly payments and direct debits should not be cancelled. In the event of a suspension of cover, payments will be suspended until the cover is reinstated. Benefits added at the beginning of a membership year cannot be removed during that membership year as a payment schedule is already in place.

32. Annual Payment

  • -Annual Payment allows you to pay for your membership in full, once a year.
  • -This payment can either be upfront by cash, credit card or cheque on your renewal date or by annual direct debit from your bank account or credit card at the same time every year.
  • -When you pay by annual direct debit, you will receive your next year’s membership cards one month before your current membership expires, ensuring continuous cover.
  • -In signing the direct debit mandate, you agree to authorise the AA to charge your bank account/credit card by direct debit for your annual Membership cover every year. You also authorise the AA to debit your bank account/credit card the charge for any upgrade to your membership which you instruct the AA to apply during your Membership. This authorisation can be withdrawn by informing the AA of this in writing.

Amending your Membership Benefits

33. You can add the benefits of Home Start, Rescue Plus and Additional Members during the membership year. The added benefits will be valid until the membership renewal date and will be charged at the normal, annual rate.

(a) Annual Payment Benefits can be removed from a membership at any time, where a pro-rata refund will apply up to 3 months after joining, provided the member has not availed of AA Rescue Service within that period.No refunds apply after 3 months of cover. Please allow 28 days for all refunds.
(b) Monthly Payment Benefits can be added at any time during the membership year Payment upon receipt of full payment for that added benefit, based on the annual rate. Benefits added at the beginning of a membership year cannot be removed or refunded.

Note: Only the member can make amendments to cover or apply for a refund. Any upgrades to existing cover will not be effective until full payment is received for that added benefit.

AA Fair Play Policy

34. Fair Play is designed to keep membership affordable by making sure that high use by members is avoided. We have therefore placed limits on the number of call-outs that can be made by any one member in a subscription year.

We will monitor call-outs on an individual basis to ensure fairness is applied at all times. Under this policy, we endeavour to keep all our members informed of their call-out usage. We will write to you and inform you of your usage before the contribution procedure is implemented thus allowing you the opportunity to take the necessary action.

Each level of AA membership is subject to a call-out limit in a membership year. Personal members will be entitled to a maximum of six call-outs in a subscription year. If you have subscribed to Rescue Plus, up to three of these call-outs may include Rescue Plus benefits. If your subscription includes Additional Member(s), you and your Additional Members are entitled to a combined maximum total of 7 call-outs.

If the relevant permitted call-outs are exceeded, the AA may require the payment of an additional contribution to the subscription in such amount as may be determined by the AA before undertaking any additional call-outs.

Membership Cancellation

35. The AA reserves the right to cancel the membership, if the maximum number of call-outs by that member is exceeded in two consecutive membership years and in such event no refund of subscription should be payable. Where the number of call-outs in a membership year exceeds 10, the AA also reserves the right to cancel the membership and in that event no refund of subscription shall be made.


(a) Annual Payment Cancellation requests within 28 days of joining will be refunded in full and a pro-rata refund will apply up to 3 months after joining, provided the member has not availed of AA Rescue Service within that period. No refunds apply after 3 months of cover. Please allow 28 days for all refunds. Requests to cancel a membership, during a membership year, must be confirmed in writing, by post, fax or email, to the AA.
(b) Monthly Payment Under the terms and conditions of Monthly Payment, Membership cannot be cancelled within that membership year. Any cancellation of Direct Debit will result in the outstanding balance, of that membership year, becoming payable immediately. No refunds apply.

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