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Interior Design Trends 2022 Interior Design Trends 2022

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10 Interior Design Trends for 2022

Published 29th June 2022Read Time 7 min

It is clear that in 2022, looking after ourselves both mentally and physically is the biggest motivator behind the latest home interior design trends. In 2022 we are expanding our homes outdoors and taking the outside in, connecting with nature to create a calming and cosy home. If you’re renovating your home this year, our guide on the 10 most prominent interior design trends in 2022 will help get you inspired to refresh your space.

Top 10 Interior Design Trends in 2022

1. Sustainable interior design

Sustainability is centre stage in the latest interior design trends. organic and innovative materials are being created for flooring, furniture, and everyday products throughout the home. Reclaimed wood is being given a second life along with recycled plastic, glass, and metals. Repurposed antiques are also becoming the preferred conscious interior choice. Homes fully kitted with brand new pieces of furniture will be far and few between in 2022.


2. Multifunctional spaces

Over the last few years, homes have been put to the test to adapt and offer dual functionality. Kitchen dining spaces and guest rooms are doubling up as home offices. Which has led to the shift towards broken plan living areas. Unlike open plan, closed concept spaces offer homeowners the chance to disconnect and create a visual separation between functional spaces.


3. Maximalism

Minimalism is being reinvented with maximalism taking its place, this change can be seen throughout most of the 2022s interior design trends. Colour and cosier interiors are taking up space in the home. It’s all about creativity, injecting pops of colour and personal style into each room with interesting wallpaper prints, contrasting colours and bolder pieces of furniture found throughout the house.


4. Statement lighting

The statement lighting interior design trend allows homeowners to inject their personality and accentuate any darker corners in the home. Lights with bold designs and sculptural shapes help to create a focal point. The push toward calm and comfort in the home sees the use of ambient lighting becoming a popular choice, transforming a multifunctional space for focus in the day to relaxation at night.


5. 40 Shades of green

2022 is the year of green colour schemes in home interior design, This shift is fuelled by the desire to reconnect with nature and bring a sense of calm and comfort to any room. A popular mix sees sage green colours paired with earthy wood tones, adding in natural elements help to spark joy by staying connected with nature-inspired colours.


6. Brown tones

If maximalism isn’t to your taste, another way to warm up a monochromatic design is by adding in touches of earthy shades of brown, terracotta, and mustard. Another trend that is influenced by nature and is reminiscent of the 70s. Earthy brown and warm natural shades all help to infuse a space with the feeling of comfort and calm.


7. Smart home technology

Smart appliances are quickly becoming an important part of the home, commonly used appliances include video doorbells, smart speakers and robot vacuums. Home energy efficiency has become a driving force behind the use of smart home technology. Smart thermostats and smart water leak detectors are widely used offering control outside the home and substantial savings from unpredictable leaks.


8. Outdoor spaces

The push to become more connected with nature sees homes extending to the outdoors. Creating living and entertaining areas outside the home, stylish gardens and patios have evolved as a significant focus for expansive interior décor.


9. Curved shapes

Interior design starting to steer away from boxy shapes, taking inspiration from the 70s curved lines and structural shapes are taking up space in the home. You will see this in the form of curved furniture, circular coffee tables and arched structures. The soft lines scream comfort, creating a warm and inviting environment to unwind in.


10. Japandi

Japandi design is a clever combination of Scandinavian and Japanese interior styles. Fusing Scandinavian functionality and the rustic simplicity of Japanese design to create a blended style of function, and minimalism. You will see this in the form of, natural materials, clean lines and curated interiors focused only on high-quality sustainable pieces in the home.


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